1. F

    Pricing bug with AliDroShip Woo 1.6.70 HELP!!!

    Alidropship Woo 1.6.70 Wordpress 6.5.2 PHP 8.1.28 WooCommerce 8.8.2 AliDropShip Google Extension Hello, I've noticed a problem with the display of the prices of my products. The price displayed on my site does not correspond to the price displayed on Aliexpress + the price tagging...
  2. I

    Alishipping error

    Hi I am having these problems if anyone have the answer it would be helpful
  3. D

    I noticed some bugs in the Rubens theme

    All of the bugs in the single product page. 1. The product details tab content don't always wrap it keeps going to the right of the screen. 2. When you collapse the tabs (product details, reviews, etc) the product images (in slider mode) moves with the tab (very annoying) and goes back to its place
  4. J

    Dropdown Menus Stopped Working after Wordpress 5.5 Update Raphael Theme

    Just a note, The dropdown menus on my site stopped working after the Wordpress 5.5 update. I am using the original plug in, with the Raphael theme. I tested this on several browsers and PCs. The problem was fixed when I downgraded back to wordpress 5.4. It appears to be a theme issue as...
  5. L

    [BUG] Change of address functionality leads to lost sales from Ali Dropship Woo Plugin

    So I was wondering why I had this weird drop down for my UK based store. I get issues I have seen all too often I started looking for the fix. I went onto woocomerce support - nothing. I went to the advanced facebook woocomerce group which is very good and found it was just my...
  6. sha77

    Customers being charged the wrong prices on PayPal

    The prices I get from AliExpress are in USD, which is the default in the AliDropship plugin. These are converted to EURO by the AliDropship currency exchange plugin every 24 hours. However, when a customer is buying a product they are taken to PayPal, which use their own currency exchange rate...
  7. D

    Alishipping Not Working on Checkout

    Hi, I noticed when a customer clicks on the checkout it only shows the product price plus discounts but it doesn’t take the shipping amount, it appears on zero although I select a shipping method
  8. sha77

    Some prices get jumbled when importing

    When I import products from AliExpress some prices always become jumbled. In the pricing formula I use I multiply the original price with a number. It works for different price ranges, like when the products weight is 50 gram, 100g, 200g, etc. Except, when it gets to 500 to 999 gram it doesn't...
  9. S

    Again report and you keep ignoring. ERRORS with your update!

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o86gc0uqvz9jy7v/Screenshot%202019-06-03%2001.06.49.png?dl=0 The screenshot gives you the details.
  10. Blz

    BEST DEALS Category

    Hey My "Best Deals" category, the issue started some weeks ago, I tried everything to fix it but nope. Why, How? The "Best Deals" Category keeps showing up some products which are not even discounted, even the lowest one (also tried 1% discount), on the top positions from the category. The...
  11. S


    I have sent you several screenshots, screencast and you do not respond. You have errors in your script and it will not update. It happens with every other release it seems like.
  12. BBlasko

    Alidropship woo, bad ? :(

    Hi, I come to you in the hope of finding a solution, it's been over a week that I am stuck and I take a huge backlog on my site.I was strolled by the customer service and I am asking myself the question if I have to oppose the payment and use another service? Problem: I can not activate my...
  13. D

    Not being able to do some changes to Raphael theme

    HI :D I've been trying to set my site with Raphael Theme (So good) but I'm not being able to change "Site Title". What could be happening?
  14. S

    UPDATE II: Serious Bug Confirmed with order -> CORE/init.php

    Ok, I just had a customer place an order and I received an invoice with the product they ordered. But on woo itself it is not showing all the products they ordered, only 2 or the four. I can't even edit anything. The only way I know is that the notes show me all the items they ordered. Never...
  15. S

    Fulfill Order Loading forever!

    hello, with the latest release I try to fulfill an order and the airplanes took forever! It looks like it fill all the necessary fields with the order message BUT after that the airplanes keep loading. I cant pay for any order!
  16. AryanShirani

    Social Rabbit Bugs & Problems

    Hi everybody, i am writing this post to list some bugs and problems that i had in the past few month of Social Rabbit that i could not resolve/understand. 1. Social Rabbit Instagram Promotion function: Actually Social Rabbit post more comments on the same photo but with a distance of a few...
  17. S

    Manual Update stuck on some products

    Manual update stuck on some products. Please see screenshot
  18. AryanShirani

    Products Prices BUG/PROBLEM

    Hi, i have a new problem here with the product price. So the problem is that the product costs $12.99 for example on my store, and when you add it to the cart it cost $12.80 and when you pay with paypal or credit cart it cost $12.00 - On my setting i have activated Assign cents: 99,80,90 I am...
  19. S

    Autofill Order USA Failed

    There was a few orders with failed autofill for USA. Please see screenshots.
  20. S

    Manual Update Never Completes

    Hi am very disappointed. There are days trying to complete a manual check and every 10-15 minutes it stuck. I never achieve more than 16%! I try to refresh and continue again....BUT without any luck. It seems I'm very unlucky OR something is wrong with Manual Update. Is there any lucky guy...