[BUG] Change of address functionality leads to lost sales from Ali Dropship Woo Plugin


So I was wondering why I had this weird drop down for my UK based store.
I get issues I have seen all too often I started looking for the fix.

I went onto woocomerce support - nothing.

I went to the advanced facebook woocomerce group which is very good and found it was just my environment...SO started to deactivate plugins...

The alidropship plugin is the culprit. But what is the issue?

The Issue

When checking out putting in addresses the English is wrong for the drop down.
The values in the drop down are wrong and confusing.

a) It should say region not county (if the dropdowns are accurate but they are not)
b) The values in the drop down are very confusing you get old territories like Turks and Caicos Wales England Scotland etc which are not needed in an address anyway...
c) Counties should be like Cornwall, greater manchester etc. But really don't need them either. so just a blank text box which can be left empty is what I hope the team here can do..THE ORIGINAL OUT OF THE BOX FUNCTION IS GREAT dont change it guys?

I urge you guys to check yours and let us know if your address is smooth flow as I lost a lot of customers. They even went to email me and one guy in hotjar took 6 minutes as he really wanted to buy in the end gave up....

Hope you can fix..



Ok so I can guess why they are doing this to align with the aliexpress form (which is wrong) but honestly I value sales over this thing.

So I thought ok I will disable ali dropship woo until I need it so I can not have it mess up the checkout experience. And so thought that might be workable until I found none of my images loaded - :(


Ok this is working to override the UK version only..

 * Add or modify States
add_filter( 'woocommerce_states', 'custom_woocommerce_states' );

function custom_woocommerce_states( $states ) {

  //$states['GB'] = array();
  $states['GB'] = '';

  return $states;


Not in the UK. I don't want to get into a flame war over semantics with you so whatever.
The unaltered woocommerce works perfectly and recognises the counties correctly. Aliexpress match up is where the issue occurs. My code fix works and I saw 2 conversions this evening since implementing it and I also fulfilled the address fine. So the matching is not very helpful in my humble opinion.