1. S

    Autocomplete Order Don't update Order number (more that one products in cart)

    When place order and the cart has 2 or more products, after payment its not update order number on Product Order page. Another BUG.
  2. S

    Direct import stuck on "False Nails" products - Black screen

    Hello, I search for false nails and the screen sticks on the airplanes multiple times. Cant import any of them. I see only airplanes. Another BUG.
  3. S

    Manual Update Stops very often - Very Slow

    Hello i have 1380 products in my store. I try several times to make Manual Update, because as you said on previous post Auto Update is not working or you are working to fix it. You suggest us to make Manual Update. Manual Update stops at specific percentages and i must press Update button...
  4. S

    Shipping Address Change to previous buyer after change in shipping method or quantity

    Hi, I make many orders every day and in some orders I experience some problem with the shipping address of the client. Specifically I make the autocomplete order and the details of the customer are autofill fine. BUT when I change the shipping method or quantity of the order, the page refresh...
  5. S

    Direct Import not working for some products

    Hi I update to latest version and I have a problem with Direct Import. I try to import backpacks with ePacket. I press the "Import 48 items" and the procedure takes forever! Not showing the process and let it there for hours and hours....non of the products imported! I also try to import RC...
  6. jubran

    Importing Product Variations Bug

    Hey there! When I import products with Alidropship Woo Version by hitting on the edit button for fast edit and then import, the variation images doesn't get imported so I end up with only names. However, if I hit import directly (from the chrome addon) then it imports the images. Another issue...
  7. Saulo

    BUG: importing without category on aliexpress product list

    Hey guys, I think there's a little bug in there. When you import products with the chrome extension from the product list (not product page) on Aliexpress, it does not get the category (even though the category is selected on the top bar). Thanks!
  8. S

    Failed AutoFulfill Order - England UK

    he every week I have many orders from England. Every time I need to fill the State and choose ENGLAND. Also in the field of City the options are for State! And the City I write it manual in the Address. Please see screenshot.
  9. S

    Supplier Remove Variations and still available in my website

    Hi, I sold a swimsuit in my website size Medium. When I went to make the order I realize that the supplier has removed all sizes except XXL. Why the auto update for stock failed to remove those variations? OR better to reduce the stock to zero!?!
  10. Mayank Sharma

    I'm Stuck Product Getting In Draft

    Hello, Alidropship team I am stuck with this issue please help me every time I published product after few hrs or so all products including the published on getting in the draft. thanks
  11. Mayank Sharma

    Please Bring Sale Price and Compare Price Auto Calculate Feature

    Hello, Alidropship please bring this feature currently plugin only calculate sales price not compare price i need feature like Sales Price = Cost*2 Compare/Retail Price = Sales Price*3 In this way it would be very easy for us to import and it would be lightning fast and calculation could...
  12. Z

    Variations disappearing when working with imports

    I've got a store that is built after certain criteria. To keep the imports in line with the criteria of the store, I need to edit the imports. Whenever editing the imports, I get the variations deleted automatically. I noticed that they disappear when I: Change product tax status and class (I...