Few remarks about Social Rabbit


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Hello Folks,

I would like to understand a bit better how social rabbit works.
For now, I'd like to focus on the Instagram part.

1. GIF's

I have tried to use the GIF's for some of my stories, however, when the gif is posted as a story i get a static image which doesn't give any results.
What am i doing wrong here...?

2. Stories media gallery

Furthermore, the media gallery is a nice feature BUT when i schedule a post i can't post it immediately.
Also, i would like to HIDE the hashtags (#) in the comments. So it would be great if the following functions could be added.

  • Hashtag analyzer function - (We need quality hashtags in order for the post to perform!)
  • Hashtag counter function - which shows the amount of 30 hashtags counted.
  • Direct post button for the media gallery (Does not show when the post is scheduled.)

3. Social media grabber

Whatsmore, the media grabber is very good but also, doesn't work at all!
My Instagram feed starts looking extremely messy due to it. It would be so great if the following functions could be added.

  • Choice of which items you want to repost + approval before post choice.

That being said, i hope the social rabbit team will take this seriously and actually do something with it!
At least a reply would be nice, @Christina @Nadezhda @Victoria Kudryashova

Thanks in advance & Merry Christmas!



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Hi, Dylan

1. GIFs- please, check i your video meets the requirenments

2. Stories Media Gallery- you can click a test post button and publish a post immediately.


Please, ascertain what hashtages and comments in Stories Media Galery do you mean?

3. Grabber function do works, we are checking it from time to time on our test sites.
I advice you to add hashtags to your Grabber and search for posts, using it, not users.


We remain at your disposal regarding any further information.

Merry Christmas, Dylan!


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@Nadezhda Thank you for your reply!


Okay, my setup for the grabber is like this!
But i get super weird images on my Instagram feed.
The black quote image is one i uploaded with the media gallery and the other one is picked by the grabber.
Also, no text is being added...

Furthermore, I'd like to know how hashtag research can be conducted as the image processing feature is very bad.

Facebook poster

Also, the Facebook poster has a huge problem, posts are being posted like this.
With the image totally cropped.

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Concerning Grabber, the text was too long, if divide into several tag groups, it publishes the capture.

To my regret Facebook takes an image and shows it in its discretion and we cannot influence it.
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Why is that? It's recommended to have 30 hashtags per post... The grabber is only picking 12 hashtags.
Also, i noticed that the grabber picks really unrelated pictures which make my channel look super unreal.
For instance, pictures are being grabbed which are not popular at all.