1. frogfrogfrog

    Import Product Out of stock.

    The product update does not work; all products are automatically treated as 'out of stock' (Product is no longer available. Moved to Draft), even though the Ali listing shows that the products are available with larger quantity remaining in stock.
  2. Thordesign

    Import product variable to divide

    Hello, I have installed Alidropship on my Woocommerce store and I was wondering about the variable products I import. I would like if possible to be able to import all the variables of a product in a single product. For example: I have a red t-shirt product with several color variables. I would...
  3. R

    Importing and mapping a product with variations into multiple products in store

    So my first issue is this: I want to import a product with (one or more sets of) variations, see this product as an example. I want to have a separate product in my store for each variation. So what is the current Alidropship Woo solution for importing a product with many variations and NOT...
  4. X

    Importing categories not working.

    Hi, I got latest plugin and chrome, my prob is it dosent import categories in bulk. It does nothing. Single product import works fine. I emailed support they said it works on thier side, but i tried on like 3 different pcs, and asked fried who is wp dev and its not working for him too...
  5. I

    stuck/slow import

    since I started to use the plugin I noticed my website load slowly (6~8 sec). and sometimes 500 timeout error from the server (Hostgator) is anyone else facing the same situation? local images are optimized with SHORTPIXEL plugin, but it doesn't help that much Plus , the import from...
  6. I

    Bulk Edit Products

    Is there a way to bulk edit Titles/Description products after they been imported with alidropshp plugin without losing the sync process
  7. C

    Attention: Yaros / Alidropship Support - Unable to Manual Update and even Import the Reviews

    To: Alidropship Support or To any member: Anyone experience this: I tried to Disable the Update Product so i can manually update the product info, the problem was I wasn't able to disable the "Update Products" even i saved it, it goes back to default settings. I tried to Import the "Review"...
  8. JasonP

    Reviews Import - Did not match any reviews for this product

    Did any one get this message when importing reviews: Did not match any reviews for this product? I've seen this for about 6 different products now where all of them have valid reviews in the original Aliexpress stores. I played with the selection criteria like the number of stars, images...
  9. M

    Direct Importing is slow - barely imports at all.

    HI! I have looked around on the forums and so far nothing has worked. I have tried disabling all chrome extensions as well as tried messing around with removing images + removing text options but it still doesnt' do anything. Any other suggestions? Thanks Rich
  10. Freestyler86

    Missing Images

    Hello, I have the following issue: When importing product, everything works fine. But when I check media files (I store the images on my server). Only images from the gallery are imported. Those from the description of the product missing. Check attached files, please! All files with "number...
  11. S

    Can't import the same product after I deleted it

    Hello, few days ago I imported a product. I was editing it and I somehow messed it up so I deleted it. Now I wanted to import the same product from Aliexpress and I get this error message "Product already imported". This is strange, because I deleted it from Woocommerce. Any solutions?
  12. U

    Importing in Norwegian does not work.

    Hi I choose the norwegian language before importing in aliexpress. It shows everything in Norwegian and make importing. When I go to my website (using alidropshipping) , the items are imported in English instead of Norwegian. What is problem ? Any help ? Thanks in advance Usman
  13. Mahavir Surana

    Chrom plugin not work

    Sir, Chrom Import extension is not working for my site- After click on 'use direct import' button,aliexpress site page did not show dropship bar on top of page.And even product have no icon for import product. Since I update extention, re install extention, clean caches...
  14. R

    Import products problem - urgent!

    Hi, I have this problem. When importing the product from Aliexpress direct import, or on page search and import the product will be added to the import list as usual. The problem is while editing the item page, in the alidropship section "Supplier" the Store URL, Store Name is missing. As a...
  15. S

    Direct Import not working for some products

    Hi I update to latest version and I have a problem with Direct Import. I try to import backpacks with ePacket. I press the "Import 48 items" and the procedure takes forever! Not showing the process and let it there for hours and hours....non of the products imported! I also try to import RC...
  16. tekraid

    Product Import Not Updating Price?

    Hi, just a general question for people running woocommerce. I've exported all my Products into CSV and updated the prices and tried to import into woocommerce hoping the price would adjust my spreadsheet. The price stills shows the old price. how are you guys managing this? Thanks for your help.
  17. A

    Importing products not working

    Hello, I cannot use direct import because the plugin is telling me that the product is already imported. There is nothing in my import list. I've cleared cookies, reinstalled the plugin, and nothing is working. Please help!
  18. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Aliexpress new security situation

    When I want to import large amount of products after 10 min Aliexpress ask me for each product to log in again, do you have any solution?
  19. G

    Where the product description images gets stored ?

    Hello Team, While importing products from aliexpress, where the product description images gets hosted ? It is just like embedding with aliexpress image url or stored in our hosting ? Thanks for your help.
  20. D

    Aliplugin import problem

    i can not successfully import any product. i give "Could not be imported" message when i try import product. I also try in my localhost. But there are no results. How to solve this problem?