alidropship plugin

  1. vakile

    Getting Error While Configuring AliDropship Plugin

    Hi, I have an eCommerce website built in Magento, now I am trying to configure the AliDropship Plugin, but it's showing an error, however, I have followed all the steps to make the configuration successfully.
  2. F

    Google Product Ratings Program

    Hi All, I have filled up the form for activate the product rating on google shopping ads but we need to provide review rating in numbers for activate this service (i.e How much total 5,4,3,2,1 star on our store) but unable to find out this option. I have attached the email which received from...
  3. sha77

    Order processing has become extremely slow

    For some strange reason fulfilling orders automatically (specifically "adding products") has become extremely slow and now takes 10-50 times longer than before. Cache has been emptied frequently and reinstalled the chrome plugin. Hasn't helped so far. Any ideas?
  4. S

    Can i use the Custome store as a normal store?

    Good day everyone , I have a question and need some help. Im very sad because off all the erors from facebook shop, from plugin etc and i want to know if is there any posibility to use the custome store like a normal store even if that means to start over from scratch. If i uninstal the...
  5. daniel-97

    Product's Lot Number

    Hi, Im wanting to bundle the quantity of the product to make it more thrilling. And when I'm editing the product, at the General section, there is a section called "Lot Number" (, so I assume it is the number of product on 1 order (in Aliexpress, because when I changed it...
  6. E

    Page is not mobile friendly Google Webmaster Tool

    Today i checked why my website not appearing on google search results and found out that my website is not mobile friendly. I am using daVinci theme with alidropship plugin, so i believe it is some problem with theme or plugin. please suggest a solution.
  7. S

    After Update woo plugin - Product Listing Display Issue

    Hi, We are facing issue with product listing display since we updated latest version Version 1.6.0 , whenever we deactivate plugin display is normal. Please help to look into it and fix issue. Regards, SAK
  8. D

    2Checkout inline with paypal option bugged

    It says no items in the shopping cart and there are! Also the modal that carries this message is unable to close
  9. Y

    Store for sale

    I have a one-year-old aliexpress dropshipping store with few sales and social media pages with a good following. The store was custom made and 100% optimized for conversion. The store was last promoted in Feb this year. Since then I haven't worked on the store. The store also brings in free...
  10. Michael Fridman

    Safe to Upgrade Alidropship Plugin?

    Hello, is it safe for me to upgrade the plugin? I'm using Davinci theme, will it work fine? Thank you!
  11. M

    I did not change anything at my site but it is down returning 500 error for last 3+ days on alidropship hosting

    I have golden hosting from alidropship with three stores for quite sometime. I did not change anything on my sites but my sites are down for the last 3+ days. In spite of repeated approch to alidropship channels, so far they are not up. Stupidity is that they are down at 11.11 time of year where...
  12. P

    Could not insert post into the database - Alidropship Plugin Error

    I am getting error on aliexpress while fetching products. Error is "Could not insert post into the database" Please check the attached image. 1) I have 20gb hosting space and its only 5gb used. So 15gb is still available. 2) Inodes are also 60% available. 3) I deleted 15-20 products and tried...
  13. A

    Can I have a bullet points of what is essentially required to launching a successful Dropshipping.

    There are some pertinent question I will like to ask as I'm getting ready to start my own dropshipping business using your tool. Let's assume I have launched my website with wordpress installed and secured with commodore for site credibility: (1) What ESSENTIALLY do I need to have a successful...
  14. GreekDropshiper

    Alidropship Plugin Google Chrome Extension Doesn't Show Up Shipping Method Selection

    Greetings. I was missing long time cause of some real life problems and now i am back .As i came with a lot of updates i saw that my alidropship plugin extension doesn't show up shipping methods selection as it was do. For example as i remember i could choose epacket, china post airmail, etc ...
  15. nardog03


    Hello, I am having issues with the Abandon Cart Plugin for my Alidropship store. I have called my hosting company to increase the memory because the error that shows when I try to install the plugin says" The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." I upgrade my...
  16. D

    Do I really have to delete and install again wordpress to install Woocommerce plug in?

    Can I just delete alidropship plug in and install woocommerce version?
  17. S

    Alidropship multisite

    Hello admn / friends, I have a site A ( main domain) with alids properly installed and activated. I only intend to use it on A. I recently added a subdomain A1 and A2 for other purposes, not even live and not drop shipping sites and I do not intend to install alids on it ( i know we need a...
  18. S

    Plugin not updating

    I have tried updating the Alidropship plugin, it says successful but when i go off the page, it tells me to update again. Can someone help please?
  19. R

    About Niche & Domain Changes

    Hi Guyzzz , I decided to change my domain and niche. so first I did full backup and download it from cpanel. Now I need to know, how to develop new niche and setup with new domain. As well I want to know about that, how to delete all contents and setups of old niche. And please clarify, Is it...
  20. Freestyler86

    Unique Image Editing Feature Of AliDropship Plugin

    Hello, Congratulations on this awesome function! The function works very well when editing product before import it into my website! But I can't see the "edit" icon when I try to edit product directly from my website! I can't see the icon in the red circle! Can you help me with this issue?