Page is not mobile friendly Google Webmaster Tool


Today i checked why my website not appearing on google search results and found out that my website is not mobile friendly. I am using daVinci theme with alidropship plugin, so i believe it is some problem with theme or plugin. please suggest a solution. error 1.jpgerror 2.jpgerror 1.jpgerror 2.jpg


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you can try using
it's an awesome seo tool that will help you fix issues with search engine optimization and help you get at the top in raking

Ekaterina Sayapina


Could you please let me know your domain names so I can have a closer look? It's hard to say what exactly might be causing the problem from these screenshots.
You might want to check the DaVinci demo website we've created for your reference. It's totally mobile-friendly.

Jin Jie

It is not an SEO issue, It is Theme/Style/CSS issue. The theme used daVinci has issues.
It is usually about optimization, badly built sites render slowly and will report "page is not mobile friendly"
Do some speed checks and see where the problem is. Unless someone knows better?