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  1. I

    [Davinci theme] - Anyone has experienced on how to create "Top Selling" page with woocommerce for Davinci theme ?

    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and would like to learn experienced from you if anyone has experienced on how to create a "Top Selling" page like this: https://hokagestore.com/best-sellers/ please help me how to create it. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance
  2. E

    Page is not mobile friendly Google Webmaster Tool

    Today i checked why my website not appearing on google search results and found out that my website is not mobile friendly. I am using daVinci theme with alidropship plugin, so i believe it is some problem with theme or plugin. please suggest a solution.
  3. A

    Edit "Shipping & Payment" product tab in DavinciWoo

    How do I edit and customize the "Shipping & Payment" product tab in DavinciWoo theme? Please help. Thanks
  4. Med

    Captcha code!

    How do i add recaptcha code to my contact form on the davinci theme? i'am getting alot of spam e-mails and its irritating.
  5. khurram017

    Outdated copies of WooCommerce template files

    Hi! I'm using Davinci Woo Child Theme for my store. I have recently updated my Woocommerce plugin but it appears with the message as following screenshot. and my store's format totally gone wrong like below! Can you please resolve the issue? Thanks Khurram
  6. muzammilrafiq

    Davinci theme variable product selection issue

    Hello, my website url is : https://phonecasebay.com When I rotate images on website on the product page and then if i try to select the variation it doesn't select the variation. However, if i have not touched the slider images and select variation, it works fine. can you tell me whats going...
  7. KhairulA

    Mailchimp eCommerce API + AliDropship + Da Vinci Theme

    Hi, Has anyone manage to integrate the following setup together? This is for Mailchimp to automate the emails, leveraging it's automation to send out emails that are easy to edit with drag & drop. Setup details: AliDropship (not woo) Da Vinci Theme: https://alidropship.com/themes/davinci/...
  8. G

    Edit SideBar Category Widget in Davinci

    Hi Admin - I would like to change the sidebar displayed in the category pages of my products. I have alot of categories and would like to display them in a custom format, how do I do it? Example - How do you custom edit the left side bar in the following link...
  9. A

    Davinci Theme Footer Problem

    The footer is overlapping the content above on all pages that have content. The footer should be at the bottom after the content and not overlap. Please see image. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. C

    PayPal express not displaying on checkout page

    Good Day Paypal express enabled and is not displaying on checkout page. Please assist. Theme: Da Vinci
  11. C

    Display more products on Davinci theme HOME,PRODUCT, PRODUCT CATEGORIES

    Good Day Please advise how to increase the number of items displaying on home, product and product categories page? If users can also just scroll down and have an option for load more same as on mobile view. Please advise. Regards
  12. nardog03


    Hello, I am having issues with the Abandon Cart Plugin for my Alidropship store. I have called my hosting company to increase the memory because the error that shows when I try to install the plugin says" The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." I upgrade my...
  13. F

    DaVinci Theme Article Error

    I'm trying to add text to my article page in the 'Customisation' tab yet when I add text within the article section nothing comes up on the home page. Has anyone else gotten this error and have a solution?
  14. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Homepage Article Issues

    Hi! I am using Davinci Theme and there's this SEO article write-up section at the bottom of the homepage. There are several issues when I am writing up the article: 1. Unable to re-align the headers and paragraphs - I couldn't set the alignments of the texts to centre or align to right. It is...
  15. R

    Side Menu is NOT updated in Live site

    1. When I mouse over the Product Sub Category, unable to click the sub category. Pls find attached image. Since 2 weeks, I am getting issues with product categories in Menu and Single Product Page. 2. How to remove the count of items for each Product Category in Side Menu.
  16. mushrukh

    Davinci Theme Category

    Hi there is something wrong with the theme category section.. before it was liks when I used to take the cursor on the main category it showed sub category.. then moved to sub category it use to show the more other sub category which I made.. but now it doesn't show that 3rd level sub category...
  17. R

    Updated Davinci theme is NOT working properly.

    Hi, In my wordpress site, I have updated the Davinci theme. 1. After updating the latest Davinci theme, the Home page is not working properly. The side menu bar is NOT showing on the Home page. Please find the attached screenshots.. 2. From the Menu items, I have deleted the 'Toys'...