davinci theme

  1. R

    Side Menu is NOT updated in Live site

    1. When I mouse over the Product Sub Category, unable to click the sub category. Pls find attached image. Since 2 weeks, I am getting issues with product categories in Menu and Single Product Page. 2. How to remove the count of items for each Product Category in Side Menu.
  2. mushrukh

    Davinci Theme Category

    Hi there is something wrong with the theme category section.. before it was liks when I used to take the cursor on the main category it showed sub category.. then moved to sub category it use to show the more other sub category which I made.. but now it doesn't show that 3rd level sub category...
  3. R

    Updated Davinci theme is NOT working properly.

    Hi, In my wordpress site, I have updated the Davinci theme. 1. After updating the latest Davinci theme, the Home page is not working properly. The side menu bar is NOT showing on the Home page. Please find the attached screenshots.. 2. From the Menu items, I have deleted the 'Toys'...