Davinci Theme Homepage Article Issues

Wei Jian

New Member
Hi! I am using Davinci Theme and there's this SEO article write-up section at the bottom of the homepage. There are several issues when I am writing up the article:

1. Unable to re-align the headers and paragraphs - I couldn't set the alignments of the texts to centre or align to right. It is always aligned to the left side. The text align button is not responding.
2. Image not responsive - I tried to upload some images on the editor. However, when viewed on mobile, the images seemed to have retained the image size of desktop mode and did not shrink in size to fit the page.
3. Unable to insert links in texts - I would like to inset some links to the keywords and direct it to my categories pages. However, the link button is not responding.

Does these issues happen to everyone using Davinci Theme? If yes, please assist to verify these issues and hopefully resolve them in the next update. Thank you.

Real Residual

Active Member
There is some quirkiness with the homepage setup. I just put pure texts there as it is for SEO purposes. No one would really read it, in my opinion.

When adding links, go to text mode and do it from there. It's much easier that way. As a matter of fact, if you have an HTML editor, you can work from there and copy HTML codes directly into text mode. This way, you have complete control.

As a matter of fact, if you go and create a regular WordPress page, use the visual editor there, and once you are done, copy and paste it into the homepage section, you can also get the same effect.

Wei Jian

New Member
Noted Real Residual. I have no coding knowledge so I rely heavily on plugin functions. I'd hope that this visual editor issue on Davinci Theme can be fixed including the image responsiveness. Images are working fine on Blog posts (but on blog posts, the link button and text align button are also not responding). I'd hope to put some images on the homepage SEO writeup section.