1. C

    Change the next page to see more

    Hi I use DaVinci themes . I want to change the page counter attached to the picture to see more Specified in the picture please see it Thank you
  2. E

    Error : Order page pot loading properly

    hi, i am using alidropship + davinci on Chrome + Windows 7 system. Today suddenly i encountered this order page, which does not seem to load properly. my plugin and theme are up to date. i also found this error in my older site (which no longer in active service).
  3. B

    Un Error de el tema Davinci me ha costado caro en el SEO || KILL SEO DAVINCI

    El tema Davinci tiene un error que duplica el contenido de los productos, lo que a ojos de Google es muy malo. El problema de Davinci está en las categorías. Si analizas en Google Search Consolé cualquier página de las categorías de tu tienda te dará como resultado, la indexación de la categoría...
  4. B

    Google indexes the products of the Davinci categories. BAD SEO.

    google indexes the products of the categories. that's very bad for SEO. The Da vinci theme has that error. someone has found a solution.
  5. muzammilrafiq

    Davinci theme variable product selection issue

    Hello, my website url is : https://phonecasebay.com When I rotate images on website on the product page and then if i try to select the variation it doesn't select the variation. However, if i have not touched the slider images and select variation, it works fine. can you tell me whats going...
  6. Sadoun

    Davinci 2.0 Woo Category Images too dark

    Hi Can you please let me know how I can brighten up the category images opacity (#3 here) a little? As it is right now, it looks depressingly dark.
  7. Sadoun

    Front Page and Mobile product display

    Hi, I have recently installed the DaVinci 2.0 for Woo. Thank you by the way for such a wonderful theme. Your team did an amazing job. I appreciate it. I am having small problem with setting up the Front Page. My website;s Front (home) page is not showing any of features available...
  8. S

    Davinci theme error

    Hello, there's a problem with the davinci theme. Part of the error code: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ads_get_list_currency() in /home/fashi168/public_html/wp-content/themes/davinci/functions.php on line 687. Using Alidropship plugin Can someone help please? Thanks
  9. G

    Edit SideBar Category Widget in Davinci

    Hi Admin - I would like to change the sidebar displayed in the category pages of my products. I have alot of categories and would like to display them in a custom format, how do I do it? Example - How do you custom edit the left side bar in the following link...
  10. Quadir

    Integrate Mailchimp with DaVinci Theme

    Hello there, when I paste MailChimp form code in email subscription space in DaVinci dashboard, subscription form look gets distorted. I there any way I can use MailChimp without any change in theme look?
  11. nardog03

    Abandon Cart Email Sending To Junk Mail

    Hello everyone, I have installed the AbandonCart Addon plugin for my website. It is working and sending emails to customers that have left items in their carts, but the problem is that is the emails are getting sent to the junk mail and not filtered through to reach their inbox. I have tried...
  12. K

    Preview DaVInci theme shows all grey screen

    Hi, I installed the DaVinci theme and when I preview it, the preview shows all grey. If I activate the theme, I cannot access my site. What could be wrong? I installed the latest version of woocommerce. Thank you!
  13. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Homepage Article Issues

    Hi! I am using Davinci Theme and there's this SEO article write-up section at the bottom of the homepage. There are several issues when I am writing up the article: 1. Unable to re-align the headers and paragraphs - I couldn't set the alignments of the texts to centre or align to right. It is...
  14. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Block Queries and Suggestions

    Hi Alidropship! I have a few queries and suggestions regarding Davinci Theme. 1. As seen in the screenshot attachment, I noticed that those those blocks on the right are not shown on mobile. As most of our traffic will be from mobile, I am concerned that such omission of information from our...
  15. Vladimir Unguru

    Suggestions for the DaVinci theme

    I'm using the DaVinci theme because I like it very much. So, I wanted to see if it's compliant to Google's requirements in terms of SEO, and it failed the structured data test for the pages where a list of products is displayed. Fortunately it's very easy to correct this. The file in question...
  16. mushrukh

    Page Not Found shown on My account/ User Login page

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova whenever we open the page of My account or user login on our website at the top title It shows Page Not Found where we usually put the SEO Title. and there is nothing to customise it.
  17. mushrukh

    customizing field for posting comment on blog

    Hi Alidropship team Can you please provide the customizable option of fields that are required to comment on the blogs post as many of our readers don't want to share their email id. so we would like to just have 2 options that are Name and Comment box. I know email id is very important but...
  18. M

    How I can edit colours in DaVinci theme?

    Hello dears! I want to personalize themes for my needs but I can't find how to edit tabs colors in product page (see print screen for details). Also, I want to edit color for discount badge (see print for details) Anyone know how to edit it? If my brand colors are black with red - don't look...
  19. Real Residual

    2 bugs with DaVinci theme

    1) If the price of the product is over 1000, it will block part of the Best Price Guarantee tag. 2) When you have a variation with your product, usually the first variation is selected when the first page is loaded, but instead of showing the image of the first variation, it shows the first...
  20. E

    Translating some of the Text in the Cart Check out page

    I want to translate some of the text in the cart checkout page, i have already modified part of the interface in the rest of my website. I am currently using the DAVINCI theme. I cant find the .php page where i can edit the php code to change the words that are marked with red in the photo...