1. Sznurek11

    Menu and hover color change

    Hi! I would like to change two thing in theme davinci: 1. Color of the products hover when you put mouse on them, right now it's gray I would love to change it to other type of color. Where can I find it in the code? 2. Bigger menu product category titles - I have just a few categories and...
  2. Martin Jahn

    Showing posts from category on home page (davinci theme)

    Hi, Could you please advise how to add custom category posts on static page (home) in Davinci theme Instead of "New arrivals" I want to show Best selling products from specific category. So there should be "For Women" and showing top 8 items from Women category Text with "New Arrivals" I...
  3. ngocduc

    How to change number of products display in catalog page?

    Hello, I'm new here. Default theme Davinci display 10 products per page on catalog products page. I want to change it to 12, 16 or any other value. Please help me how to do it. Thanks!
  4. P

    How to get a german translation for DaVinci Theme?

    The .po in the /lang forlder is empty. How to set up Wordpress that it use the de_DE file for the DaVinci Theme? Have you any translations ready
  5. tamzy

    Theme Conversion Rate

    Has anyone done a test to see which of the three available AliDropship themes converts the best? I've noticed that on the sites (that I've seen) that Yaros runs, he uses the DaVinci theme. Anybody have any concrete or anecdotal info about this that they want to share?
  6. Don Bassler

    DaVinci Theme Broken? I get this Error...

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function ads_get_list_currency() in /home/kxgbnvqy/public_html/wp-content/themes/davinci/functions.php on line 892 How can I solve this broken theme issue? Thanks
  7. S

    AliDropship settings not being saved

    I have an extremely annoying issue. Whenever I go to customise the plugin through the customisation menu, none of the changes I make are saved in the settings. For example, change the logo image, save, go to the website page, nothing has changed. If I refresh the settings page, it goes back to...
  8. kingpin

    Make Davinci theme compatible with Woocommerce

    hi there. I love Davinci theme and would love to see it working/compatible with Woocommerce. I want to use Davinci theme with the woo version of alidrop ship plugin This would be awesome to have this. Thanks in advance Let me know whatd you think about this