davinci issues

  1. L

    DaviciWoo 2.0 Homepage Banner

    Hi, how can i change the size of the banner in mobile?
  2. muzammilrafiq

    Davinci theme variable product selection issue

    Hello, my website url is : https://phonecasebay.com When I rotate images on website on the product page and then if i try to select the variation it doesn't select the variation. However, if i have not touched the slider images and select variation, it works fine. can you tell me whats going...
  3. A


    HI, i try to change colour in my theme like the discount colour and don't change. Also i suggest to put something as you can see in image . https://prnt.sc/m1a16x
  4. nardog03

    Alidropship plugin not working on mobile (Davinci Theme)

    Hello everyone, I am currently experiencing issues with the alidropship plugin using the davinci theme. I have made 3 attempts to the administrators in private chat and also I opened a ticket message using the support email but no one has replied to me as yet and this is very frustrating. So if...
  5. T

    DaVinci theme - Product page bug.

    Hi folks, i'm having a little trouble with DaVinci theme and I need help, since i've contacted alidropship support about 10 times in 5 days but they are not responding me! Here's the deal, when I add a product to my store WITHOUT a description, it works fine, like this: But when I add a...
  6. nardog03


    Hello, I am having issues with the Abandon Cart Plugin for my Alidropship store. I have called my hosting company to increase the memory because the error that shows when I try to install the plugin says" The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." I upgrade my...
  7. F

    DaVinci Theme Article Error

    I'm trying to add text to my article page in the 'Customisation' tab yet when I add text within the article section nothing comes up on the home page. Has anyone else gotten this error and have a solution?
  8. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Homepage Article Issues

    Hi! I am using Davinci Theme and there's this SEO article write-up section at the bottom of the homepage. There are several issues when I am writing up the article: 1. Unable to re-align the headers and paragraphs - I couldn't set the alignments of the texts to centre or align to right. It is...