[Davinci theme] - Anyone has experienced on how to create "Top Selling" page with woocommerce for Davinci theme ?


Ekaterina Sayapina

Hello Everyone!
I'm new here and would like to learn experienced from you if anyone has experienced on how to create a "Top Selling" page like this: https://hokagestore.com/best-sellers/ please help me how to create it.
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance

Thanks for your question!
This is a product category, nothing out of the ordinary :)
All you need to do is to create a category (WP dashboard => Products => Product Categories), name it 'Top Selling' and assign your best selling items to this category.


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Thanks so much Ekaterina, could you please show me how to do this too: "and assign your best selling items to this category." sorry I don't know how and where is best selling items :-(

Can I set this "Top selling" products for it gets top selling products automatically ?
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By the way ... as a native English speaker, I can tell you that "Best Selling" sounds a lot better than "Top Selling".

Don't ask me why ... it just does. LOL