Importing Issue: Products without 'Variations' continually have pricing issues


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So I have imported a heaps of items (using the Import Products feature, which I love!) but some of the products on AliExpress don't have any variations, i.e. no colors or sizes to choose from. Once you have imported these products you need to manually create a 'Variation' for the product so that the Inventory tab can be populated. The issue with this is that the 'Price Original' and 'Sale Price Original' fields (Inventory tab) are blank (see screenshot) and so now if you update your pricing formula it increases the price for these items based on the only value it has, the price I will be selling it for, which means the prices all get inflated (this may also be happening when you auto update the product prices, but I am not sure and don't fancy testing it again and messing up my prices all over again).

Surely someone else out there has had this same issue? It's definitely a bug.
Hi Kaz, i had similar issue, for me "Price Original" and "Sale Price" showed same numbers so there no discount, although some of the items showed correct prices after discount according to my set formula. I was surfing around the forum for the answer and found one for my issue, i don't know if it will help you. You have to be logged in to Alixpress account in order to import correct product details prices, images etc.. Hope it will help you too :)
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