1. N

    Variations Images Problem

    Hi, I have problem with variations on my alidropship woocommerce store. My product has two attributes: 1) Color 2) Diameter I want to both attributes on product page will show as an images but I can’t select option “show product variation as an image” to both attributes at the same time. In...
  2. Bmuzammil

    Can I edit a product and delete the variations? is it safe to delete a variation? Woo Plugin version.

    Can I edit a product and delete the variations I don't want? What is the right way of doing this? Seller has added buy 100pcs variation "Wholesale".
  3. P

    Error in Variations - colours in Spanish and photos back to originals - please help!

    Hi All, Wondering if anybody has noticed a glitch with the system or had this happen to them? Yesterday for no reason at all - no new plug ins installed. Our variation colours are now in Spanish and the variation image has defaulted back to the original images which we had deleted...
  4. Nasiri123

    Expand "Manage Attribute" settings

    Hey, is it possible to add a feature like this: Variations Bulk Edit: 1. Reads the Data of your DB / Imported Products. 2. You Select a Warehouse i.e: CHINA 3. It deletes all other Variations except what you selected & if item selected <= 1 delete the "Ships From" Attribute in DB of product...
  5. F

    Display variation names

    Hello, does anyone know how could variation names be shown when clicked on, like on aliexpress?
  6. W

    URGENT: total confusion because of attribute names! after RESET PRODUCT - attributes mismatch

    i imported mobile phone cases in my shop. they have different ATTRIBUTES like MODEL or COLOR. eg: CASE for iphone XR in red when i import a product the supplier mostly have wrong ATTRIBUTE names for models or colors. EXAMPLE:
  7. ty_rust

    "Variation not found" when trying to process order and can't order manually

    I am using Alidropship-Woo plugin and when I try to process the order automatically, it says "variation not found". When I try to process the order manually at product page, it doesn't let me select the color variation at all. Now I'm not sure how to process any order.
  8. J

    Would you like that Alidropship Woo allow you to split variations when importing products ?

    Aliexpress sellers often create a lot of variations that are not necessarily relevant, and some of us need to split them into single products after importing products, which is very time consuming. I think that it would be a huge improvement if Alidropship Woo had this option like the standard...
  9. O

    All variations dissappear when only one variation type removed.

    Hi everyone ! Hope someone can assist me in this I'm using Alidropship Woo plugin ver 0.90. When I edit a product in Aliexpress before i import it into my store, I would like to just keep the size variations and remove the color variations. So, I clicked the dustbin icon for all the color...
  10. G

    Editing Capabilities

    I am an experienced WooCommerce user, and I just purchased this plugin last week. As I am navigating through the ins and outs of how this plugin works I wanted to CONFIRM that I'm understanding the details of what kind of editing capabilities are available to me. From everything I've found in...
  11. M

    Problem showing variation images

    Hello, I've tried to show variations images instead of names, by activating nice attributes and tried all options I could in products attributes and variations, but nothing changes, the product page shows only buttons with variation name (see image bellow), witch makes bad user experience ...
  12. JasonP

    How to make product orders in batch instead of individual items?

    Hi there! Still new to the game. I need some advice on how to make single items on Aliexpress a batch order in my web store. There are some items that are really small and cheap in Aliexpress. Let's take for example an elastic hair tie that sells on Aliexpress for USD 0.19 a piece. Instead of...
  13. G

    Main picture doesn't change when clicking on variations (Rembrandt Theme)

    Hi :) When clicking on different variation of a product the main picture doesn't change. We are using the Rembrandt Theme.
  14. S

    Splitting products and Removing Variation Buttons

    Hi all, Scenario: I have a product with 2 variations I would like to split the variations So i have duplicated the product Removed one variation from each link Since i now only have one product on each link, i would like to remove the "colour button" as it is no longer required on a single...
  15. K

    Product variations separately - how to?

    Hi, Im start using Alidropship plugin for Woo. I works with the seller who has all products with variants. But I want all the products in my store as separate. How can I make this ? Thanks!
  16. Hunor Barabas

    Different prices for different variations

    Hello! First of all, I've got to say that I'm in love with both the plug-in and the da Vinci theme. As in every relationship, we have our differences, but I could always talk it out with her. Until now... My problem is the following: I would like to expand my range of products with something...
  17. G

    Alidropship Woo plugin not working with variations

    Hello, I just bought the plugin and I can't continue working on the store because Alidropship for WooCommerce doesn't work if a product has variations. For single products it works great but for variations, after I import the products and try to check out the product page, nothing shows up. I...
  18. go2green

    Woo plugin import variations not showing

    In the editor the variations are there ( dropship plugin) but when publishing they do not show up. Only the headline and image but no way to order anything. Actually there are two places for variations one from the dropship plugin which is showing and one for the woocommerce plugin which is not...
  19. K

    Importing Issue: Products without 'Variations' continually have pricing issues

    So I have imported a heaps of items (using the Import Products feature, which I love!) but some of the products on AliExpress don't have any variations, i.e. no colors or sizes to choose from. Once you have imported these products you need to manually create a 'Variation' for the product so that...
  20. Shays

    Formula pricing not working for variations

    I'm dealing with different products variations with very different pricing sometimes. Let's say I have a product with two variations, one costs $10, the other $100. The product is listed for $10. I set a formula for $10 to be multiplied by 2, and for $100 to be multiplied by 1.5. The end...