How to make product orders in batch instead of individual items?


Hi there! Still new to the game. I need some advice on how to make single items on Aliexpress a batch order in my web store. There are some items that are really small and cheap in Aliexpress. Let's take for example an elastic hair tie that sells on Aliexpress for USD 0.19 a piece. Instead of selling a single piece at say USD 0.50, I would like to list the item as 5 per pack for USD 2.99. Does it mean that when I import the product I delete the default Aliexpress variation and create my own with something like "5 pieces per pack" instead? How will this be reflected when I received an order from my customer and I in turn place the order in Aliexpress? Will the same 5 pieces automatically register with Aliexpress? Or do I need to manually make a 5-piece order?