1. Sadoun

    Updating "out of stock" products only

    I haven't found an option in the UPDATE setting to update only "out of stock" products. For example, sometimes a product goes out of stock temporarily on AliExpress. Then the sellers update their inventory and the product is back in stock at AliExpress. But on my woocommerce store, it is...
  2. R

    How to create a listing of all current products in store including price

    Hi, I would like to create a simple listing of all the items currently in my store, including its price, and export it to CSV or Excel file. What would be even better, is if I could create this listing by category (including sub-categories). Is this possible, or would it require an external...
  3. Wei Jian

    Manually Changing Product Inventory

    Hi! I have a simple query here just to confirm with Alidropship Plugin. When I change the product inventory manually (for more realistic order amounts and promotion reasons), does it affect the "actual" product inventory which is supposed to be automatically sync to my store when I do auto...
  4. nardog03

    Question about product stock and pricing updates

    I am new to using the Alidropship plugin, i have a Shopify store that imports all my products from Aliexpress using Oberlo and when a supplier would change the pricing of the product or if the product inventory is sold out it would display on the Oberlo dashboard. In my recent time using...
  5. Elke

    Discrepancy between inventory and item availability on AliExpress

    Hoping for some clarification on this. I'm just getting started with my AliDropship store and I was updating a product I've got on there and I noticed the inventory listed was 69 units, but when I went to the AliExpress page for that item it said "Sorry, this item is no longer available." (See...
  6. K

    Importing Issue: Products without 'Variations' continually have pricing issues

    So I have imported a heaps of items (using the Import Products feature, which I love!) but some of the products on AliExpress don't have any variations, i.e. no colors or sizes to choose from. Once you have imported these products you need to manually create a 'Variation' for the product so that...
  7. waterlion

    How the hell do you delete inventory?

    There is no option to delete irrelevant inventory from products... Anyone figure this out? As far as I'm aware, these checkboxes don't exist: