Google Shopping Ads?


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Im using a person from upwork creating my feed. They are just enter it manually on excel/google sheet for uploading on merchant center. Its working out pretty well now for some of my websites. 2 of my sites are having 90% of traffic/revenue coming from adwords at the moment.


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Hi..I am not sure what has been the outcome fo far of this thread. I made my Google Merchant Center account today and unable to publish my dropshipping products into Google merchant centre because of no barcode. Is there any way to surpass this step. Kindly advise.

Yes, we have got some experience and I must admit that Google shopping works really good. Now working on a special add-on that will automate the process.
Hello together,
is there any progress at this addon? Or is there any plugin available which works with the Alidropship plugin (unfortunately i dont run the woo version)

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Anyone using google ads here?

I listed two products and one got approved. Planning to add more.

Any best practice that folks can share?
Any updates with the results of your Google ads Moha?
Nothing much.. I added around 50 products in last couple weeks. Almost all approved. Running ads for US, CAN and few EU countries. Except US, not getting impression for others. Not much clicks in US for 10 cents cpc.

One learning, google shopping ads take lot of time to give results.. and im directly competing with walmart, amazon and ebay