1. salemzaid1

    Google Merchant Add-On + Product Schema/Microdata

    I am trying to move from Shopify to wordpress. we have over 490k sku's on shopify so i am reimporting all of them via alidrop plugin. i realize great limitations in wordpress so we have already worked with the server and host to do custom work. 1 issue that is bad is the google merchant add...
  2. elfrost

    1st Page Ranker is live! (get tons of traffic at no cost…)

    Look, there comes a time where you just need to hop over and buy the darn thing when you’re given a link like this: Imagine being able to click a few buttons and set yourself up with multiple page one rankings that gets traffic in 24 hours. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well...
  3. A

    Google chrome extension dont work

    Hi, my google chrome extension doesn't work : Dont work in website import Or in aliexpress never loads.
  4. anonymous1971

    Alicdn blocked sources in Google search console

    Hello, I checked my google search console and noticed that [ see visual ] sources are blocked by google bot. What do i have to do?? unblock or is this the way it supposed to be? This might have influence of indexing and ranking so it's very important to know what to...
  5. camille

    Google Analytics Events

    I see that some Google Analytics Events are being sent when a customer go through the website. I would like to create a e-commerce funnel with the following steps : Click on product Add product to cart Enter user information Enter payment information Order Success This way, I will be able to...
  6. dustindetorres

    Google Shopping Ads?

    Has anyone had experience setting up Google Shopping ads and the shopping feed using a WP Dropship site? We are exploring and would like to bounce some ideas off of this forum. Thanks!
  7. A

    Google Conversion Script? Possible?

    Hey guys, I am setting up my conversion script for Google Adwords and am trying to figure out where to put it and how to switch out the set conversion value with a dynamic one form my store. Anyone done this before in AliDropship? Here is the code: <!-- Google Code for Conversion Conversion...