Google Shopping Ads?

Has anyone had experience setting up Google Shopping ads and the shopping feed using a WP Dropship site? We are exploring and would like to bounce some ideas off of this forum. Thanks!


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I got stuck creating a google shopping ads.. Is there any tutorials? I can't find it
Please let me know if there is
There are some on YouTube that we have seen. We are looking at several data feed creation services and will report back here if we find any of them that are good.


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I assume we can't export products' list to xls or something now?
It seems pretty hard to create a date feed for all of my products
How can you do this?


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I've used the shopify integration with google shopping ads.

After you link shopify to google merchant center, you simply need to edit your imported aliexpress products, until they have the proper data to comply with google merchant center.

Then go to adwords, and make a very simple google shopping campaign. A child can do it.

The majority of the work involves editing the products on your site to fit the data feed.

Unfortunately, Shopify can only export your products within one country (ie. united states), so you can only advertise in the USA (or whatever your country of choice is).

I hope that ADS allows for cloning of product data for google merchant center, so you can post the products into all available countries (that allow shopping ads).


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I am hiring experts on Fiverr to do Google Shopping for my website. They asked me to store images locally in stead of on Aliexpress, an also add full address and contact number on contact-us page, install SSL.
when the new plugin will be available? Victoria.
Before the plugin is available, I would be willing to do this for folks for a small fee - after all it is time intensive - I can make Google, FB and Bing feeds
Google Merchant feed is one complicated piece of work. I have been working with google feeds and schema data for more than a year now and only about 4 months on dropshipping sites.

We developed our own plugin directly for this purpose. We have it running on 3 sites, 2 aliDS woo sites and another not related to dropshipping. The site in which we have 100% control of the products is working wonderfully. The 2 sites using alidswoo is working pretty well so far, but we do have issues with the non-consistent entry of variations and attributes.

Depending on the main google category you choose, you may find some attributes are required by google, for instance, things like sizing or color. We are working on modifications to allow this to function, albeit with some manual adjustments at publishing time.

Another area to think about is if you have products on your site in different google categories, you have to be able to alter those on a product per product basis. Another custom function we are testing in our plugin.

Also, it is not just google feed you have to worry about and setup. You need to make sure your data is proper (need to add things to woo output -woo3 switched to json and it is missing stuff) and that your conversion tracking and re-marketing are all properly setup.

Also, if you have a proper feed, you can use the same one with facebook products catalog.

But it is pretty sweet. We add products, and when published they get into the feed, every 24 hours google and facebook come along and update their product feed and push it out to webs.. once dialed in, its set it and forget it :D