1. Sadoun

    Display on Mobile devices not clear and slow loading

    Hi.... We've just finished implementing a transition into a DaVinci 2.0 for Woo theme. Issue #1 The display of the website on a PC or Laptop is great. However on an Android mobile smartphone the preview is looking like this: Android: Same page on iPhone: Issue #2- On both mobile (Android...
  2. AryanShirani

    Product Thumbnail Image Variations in shopping cart

    I want to talk about the product image variation, actually when a user order a product and select the color variation, in the shopping cart will add the product with the main thumbnail. Let me explain this better, so if that specific product have as main thumbnail a black tshirt and a user...
  3. dustindetorres

    Google Shopping Ads?

    Has anyone had experience setting up Google Shopping ads and the shopping feed using a WP Dropship site? We are exploring and would like to bounce some ideas off of this forum. Thanks!