$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

Hi @kingpin
I really like all the marketing knowledge you shared with Alidropship members. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you.

Btw, I am used 300+ Audience FB Pixel Data (who have visited my product page), to create a LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE and make FB Advertisement Campaign with a daily budget of US2.50 for 7 days...

Would like to seek your advice:
1. Is the US$ 2.50 daily budget good enough?
2. Normally, how long would you run an FB Ads? 1 week or more?
3. I am thinking, after 1 week, my audience visited my Product Page will be higher. And, I will use FB Re-targeting to them the same Ads.
4. After that, I will create a discount offer and use FB Re-targeting to run and ads again. Is it good strategy?

Thank you :)
Kingpin, do you use Profit Builder in our store? How do you do that? Do you create a landing page with it? And how do you this landing page along with Alidropsip plugin and theme?

can you please help me on how to handle TAX issues if one is staying in INDIA and Iam opening a UK /USA based dropshipping store using aliexpress dropship store.
What Legal issues/ registration etc i need to take care of could you please explain..
Thanks in Advance..
My Web Tool is almost ready now for the release.

I need 2 BETA TESTER for my Web Tool before I release it for you all.

First come First Serve. 2 first Fellows who'll PM me will get the access for lifetime

Hi Kingpin,

Please I want to be a BETA tester, kindly allow me to have access on your tool. Thanks
Hi @kingpin

Such an amazing story, I do really agree with video marketing. But, in this case you don't have the product right?
So, how do you really create the videos, is it sort of pictures and you make a video out of it, or there are real people wearing or using the products in that video?

Thank you, I really appreciate for your early reply.
I sent a PM yesterday but did not get a reply i must have missed it!

I am certainly up for being a beta tester ...happy to do a review too. im a video guy too remember ;)


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Google Analytics which is just an optional part of the tool is not functioning good.
But got an alternative which is more powerful and cool too.

Integrated facebook custom Audience pixels also for facebook retargeting

Will be releasing my tool for a very economical one time price Which will be below 20$

Working on adding some more functions.