1. Sadoun

    Images bloating server. How to update products to Aliexpress images?

    I have a few hundred products that I initially imported from AliExpress. For these products, I imported also the Featured, Post, Variation, and Gallary images to be saved on the server. However, this has grown too much. Is there a way to update these products to have the images re-linked from...
  2. L

    Images not displaying correctly on products page. Help!

    The images are centered, I need it to be left aligned like all the other web pages. I'm using the shopper theme, and my version of alidropship is the alidropship woo, that is compatible with php 7.1, so it is one earlier. I can't get to php 7.2, at least not yet. Here is a snapshot
  3. L

    delete products images

    hey for all... i have delete all my products. and my products list is empty now in my wordpress woocommerce site. but the images of the products did not deleted. it is still show in the media. how can i delete it all via SQL code.
  4. M

    Image import is so slow

    Hi, I am importing products from aliexpress to my website. my hosting is on amazon lightsail. 2GB Ram 1 Core CPU instance Before i was importing images and speed was very good from my same internet connection on same instance but now its very very slow. Alidropship Woo 1.5.4 Version Plugin...
  5. earthmadegoodsco

    Jpegfit files cluttering media manager

    I've been trying to resolve this issue for a while now. Both with customer support (to no avail) and by myself. Is anyone having or have had this issue, with images waiting to be imported indicating x number of files in the admin bar, as ell as tons of "jpegfit" files showing up in the media...
  6. C

    Gallery Poster - Images Segmented by Social Network

    Hello Social Rabbit Devs: I've bought the plugin some months ago but I'm facing an issue with "Gallery Poster". I designed my photos with 940x788 resolution, when I post to Facebook it works great, but on Instagram it shows cropped. In the other hand with square images, the problem is inverse...
  7. M

    Problem showing variation images

    Hello, I've tried to show variations images instead of names, by activating nice attributes and tried all options I could in products attributes and variations, but nothing changes, the product page shows only buttons with variation name (see image bellow), witch makes bad user experience ...
  8. L

    Where to get free stock images

    Hey guys, as the title already suggests I'm looking for stock images without spending tons of dollars/euros. Better even for free. It's mainly for facebook fan page (profile and background pic), instagram and social media postings in general. Which sources do you use? Did you have any problems...
  9. B

    Product Featured Images are not coming

    I have tried on 3 themes but my product featured iamges are not showing When i go to edit product it shows the featured image but on the website its not showing :/ Please help Thanks
  10. Nemanja


    My site make 12 thumbnails images and with original image that is 13 files per image. I make a little research and founded that: 1. My WP instalation make 3 thumbnails (150x150, 300x300, 1024x1024) 2. DaVinci template make 5 thumbnails (50x50, 200x200, 450x450, 824x349, 285x177) 3. I think...
  11. Anonymous451

    Product Image Management - Alidropship for Woocommerce

    Alidropship for Woocommerce Product Image Management The issue: Images for products come in two parts. The first part is the image that are in the gallery display on Aliexpress, those get automatically localized for the Woocommerce gallery. They will be in your Media Library after the product...
  12. G

    Where the product description images gets stored ?

    Hello Team, While importing products from aliexpress, where the product description images gets hosted ? It is just like embedding with aliexpress image url or stored in our hosting ? Thanks for your help.
  13. L

    rembrandt theme

    hello someone can explain how to change those images? i'd like to put my own small pics there
  14. jeighseauxn

    Rembrandt Theme - Main product image not showing

    I recently added the rembrandt theme to my store and but when I add products to the store the main product image doesn't show. I get a default grey screen for the main image when on the actual products page. The thumbnail on the site shows up fine just not when on the actual products page, if...
  15. Jess

    Image delete option when editing before import issues

    Hi guys, Love the option to edit before import but there's still an issue with deleting images. Before today, even when you delete the images would still show up and after todays update, that has been fixed...well kinda. The images don't automatically get selected on the product but they still...
  16. E

    Rembrandt images not changing through customization

    Hi there. I am having a glitch happen on my page. The stock pictures on the homepage that correspond to "Top Selling Products", "Best Deals" and New Arrivals" can not be switched. I have tried using different pictures and no luck. Has anybody experienced this glitch? And how do I go about...
  17. A

    Import product without a type images?

    Hello, i have a problem. When i import a product for example socks. I'm imported this and on my site when i need to edit a product, a see this: Where are the photos?