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My site make 12 thumbnails images and with original image that is 13 files per image.
I make a little research and founded that:
1. My WP instalation make 3 thumbnails (150x150, 300x300, 1024x1024)
2. DaVinci template make 5 thumbnails (50x50, 200x200, 450x450, 824x349, 285x177)
3. I think (but not sure) that AliDropship plugin make another 4 thumbnails (220x220, 350x350, 640x640, 768x768).

Because I do not wish to overload my hosting with unessesery images and paing for image optimization if that is not used my question is:
1. Do I really need all these thumbnails sizes if I running Alidropship plugin store on DaVinchi theme?
2. If first question is YES than secod question is: Do I also need images that make WP 3 thumbnails (150x150, 300x300, 1024x1024)?

Thank you!