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    Images No Displayed Once I Upload A Product Via Alidropship Woo Plugin

    We cannot provide any version of plugin's code without encoding, I'm sorry. We only recommend contacting your hosting provider after careful investigation by support team and developers. If you believe we've missed something, please feel free to reach out via personal messages here or add me on...
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    Why alidrop support doesn't help

    There were delays in our replies due to a public holiday. I sincerely apologize for any frustration this is causing. Our average speed of answer is already getting back to normal (12-24 hours).During our business hours you can also get support via Skype (, FB Messenger...
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    alidropship Skype or e-mail no reply ?

    Hello, Skype is not the main or the only support channel you can use. The messages can get missed in Skype easily, as there are many queries there and they're no systematized. It might be a good idea to send a ticket to as well, especially, during the weekend - you'll...
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    How to clear out or change reviews

    Hello Don, Please make sure AliExpress is in English and before importing check the following options: - Import reviews from my country only - Translate reviews into my language
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    Your IP must have been banned, that's why we recommend to set auto-update at least once daily...

    Your IP must have been banned, that's why we recommend to set auto-update at least once daily. Or use manual update.
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    How to increase size of logo in theme?

    You can add this code to Customization -- > Head - css style: header .logo-box .logo { height: 56px; } Instead of 56px, set a higher value. Please note that this might affect the layout, especially for the mobile version of site.
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    Plugin error or something else

    These are the settings for the Manual update. You can disable update of a particular product by unchecking the box above - Update Product (Disable the Update option if you don't want the Plugin to update this product automatically), however, in this case the plugin won't update neither the...
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    Stuck with Configure Payment Methods

    Hello, You can also refer to this tutorial: Make sure that you've created an API Signature (request API signature, not API certificate). 1. Paypal Express checkout - you can enable this to make it possible for the customers to go to...
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    Is there a way to remove sale?

    This is intentional - just how WooCommerce works. Striked out prices combined with ranges looks awful, confusing, and long. WooCommerce opted to just show the basic range for variables (sale prices still show for variations after selection).
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    Is there a way to remove sale?

    It's the same for alidropship woo plugin: AliDropship Woo --> Settings --> Pricing
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    Email client

    Have you set up your server email address? Please have a look at the article:
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    How to Edit/Change item in Order?

    There's no option to edit or remove the item from the order, I'm sorry. I assume you can just leave it as it is, there won't be a tracking number, so the shipping details will only be sent for the item that is in stock.
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    AliDropship Michelangelo Theme Help

    You can add it in WP Appearance --> Menus, choose the Main Menu and add 'About us' from the Pages menu on the left to this menu.
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    Email client

    Hello, In your sendinblue account you should be able to view some statistics and logs, but not the emails themselves. If you received the email, your clients should have received it as well. you can also check the activities in your AliDropship -- > Reports --> Activities section. To send an...
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    How to increase size of logo in theme?

    Hello Richard, Changing the size of the logo is not recommended, but you can do it via style.css by adding the code in Customization --> Head.