Tried Dropshipping 3 times but failed misearbly.... Please Help


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I am Raghu and this is the 3rd time I am trying Dropshipping but failed yet again. But I never tried to build site with Alidropship, I built site with Shopify but I believe the over all process is same and it will be succesful when there is good targetted traffic infact and I just lack on this part.

Now assuming that I built site with Alidropship can any one say that is it really possible to build a solid and succesful dropship store and make consistent money?

I am competely new to dropship ecom, I just read through couple of courses where it is taught to hae a FREE for shipping product and place ads on facebook and then drive traffic.

I failed miserably, I spent almost more than $100 on FB ads but absolutely 0 sales.

Please any helpful information, tips and guidance would be appreciated. I spoke to Kingping on his forum, he gave his advice and tips but I really could not understand the brief he gave as it has really vast thing when it comes to driving targetted traffic.

Any full proof help in this regard is appreciated.


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Yea, thanks I am thinkaing of that but need to learn a bit on abbout Instagram, will do that as last attempt and then think whether to continue with this dropshippig or just stop and concentrate on other areas.


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I think that you need to stop paying for FB ads if you don't fully understand it. Stop wasting your money. Myself also don't fully understand it. I suggest to you that you build your IG acc. Just simply post interesting photos related to your niche, follow people from your competitors acc, like and comment other peoples posts. All of this is free and you will generate traffic to your site, not very big but you need to start somewhere.:) The paid way is that you paid for shoutouts or IG ads or to start giveaways. Don't give up just learn and be patient.


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Thanks, your views and experience you had inspires me. Yes I am learning IG now, but never had tried nor even have signedup but am trying it now and hopefully get some results..