1. D

    Change 2Checkout Settings to be approved

    Hi, I got this message from 2chekout validation team: How do I change the payment settings to make them go to 2checkout instead of having my customers enter their payment details on my site. Thanks
  2. daniel-97

    Adding One-Time Coupon for Original Plugin

    Hi, I want to make a request for the next update about Coupons. I wanted to create a code that can only be used once per person (people who subscribed will receive a code via email, and the codes is not the same for each person to prevent people from using it again) I've searched threads and...
  3. Omor Faruk

    Visitor statistics is deference between traffic report & facebook pixel

    Hi, I am in a confused about visitor statistics is showing difference between Facebook pixel & Alidropship Traffic report , I am marketing with facebook business plugin ,& Make add in facebook , But it is not make any effect on my website visitor . I attached two photo ,Please ask me about it...
  4. khurram017

    Importing products cause "iNodes" problem

    Hello! Most of the people like me use web hosting with limited "inodes" available in spite of buying an unlimited hosting plan. When I import products to my sites, it rapidly eats inodes. The images are even not imported on my own server but it counts every image linked from AliExpress. It is...
  5. D


    Laatste wijziging om volledige dropship store met domein- en levenslange licentie te kopen voor slechts $ 175 Kijk op:
  6. shannus

    Set and keep discount percentages after updates

    With over a hundred products I like to keep the prices up date by updating them automatically overnight with Alidropship. The problem is that some shops at AliExpress haven't defined the discount field, so it's set to zero. I can set this myself in AliDropship for my customers, but every night...
  7. workfromhome

    Create Your First ManyChat Account for FREE. - Free Training Course

    A lot of Dropshippers are suffering from low website traffic from their E-commerce Store and most of them have a minimum amount of visitors from their website. The thing is there is one simple solution to your problem and that is ManyChat Messenger Marketing . This transformational messenger...
  8. D


  9. A

    Duplicate function has been found: please deactivate and uninstall DropshipMe plugin.

    I am getting this error message on my website. Should I uninstall the DropshipMe plugin? If I do so, what will happen to the products that I added through DropshipMe plugin?
  10. wanabud

    Can I Change my Alidropship Plugin to Alidropship For woocommerce?

    Hello, Please I need your support about this: Can I Change my Alidropship Plugin to Alidropship For woocommerce? Thank you Best Regards, Nofel
  11. S

    Payment Gateways In Canada

    Hi, we're currently using and Elavon Converge for our SHopify website. We used Stripe in the past but it is a nightmare because they have held our money in reserve for over 90 days, many many times, and it was a lot of cash, and it was only because we were doing tons of sales and...
  12. Y

    Store for sale

    I have a one-year-old aliexpress dropshipping store with few sales and social media pages with a good following. The store was custom made and 100% optimized for conversion. The store was last promoted in Feb this year. Since then I haven't worked on the store. The store also brings in free...
  13. M

    Images not showing on product details!

    My web is I bought the turn key store in and they added 50 products, I added 50 more with and have added like 5 manually. Everything was working perfect but from one day to another, every time I enter the site and click on any product, doesnt show...
  14. C

    After Update Wordpress Alidropship Dashboard Issues

    Good Day After updating wordpress latest version allidropship plugin do not update (when update is available) and navigating to Alidropship dasboard nothing display's or any of the left tabs. Please assist.
  15. D

    How to Migrate Users & Orders When Migrating from the Woo Version to Original Alidropship

    I am migrating my site from the alidropship woo version to the original version. I need to know if there is a way to move the users and orders that were already processed and pending on the woo version?
  16. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  17. Bar

    Any suggestions for Sticky Cart app and Countdown timer on the checkout page?

    Hello Everyone, I recently migrated one of my stores to alidropship. I bought alidropship plugin, hosting services and add-on bundle. Basically, I bought everything they offered XD I have 2 questions before relaunching my store. Can you suggest any sticky cart app that would work for the Da...
  18. M

    Alidropship Plugin Crash Google Chrome

    After 10 minutes of work the Alidropship Plugin doesn't worn anymore Everyday is the same It's impossible to work for me in this way Sometimes after 30 minutes I have to close the browser and then start again losing all pages opened . Sometimes even with this doesn't work , it's like the...
  19. nardog03

    Updating Customer Order Status (Ex Order Shipped)

    Hey Everyone, I have a question in regards to AliWoocommerce Plugin. As a previous user of the Alidropship complete plugin, when a customer order was listed you could have manual change the status from processed to shipped without receiving the tracking number provided by Aliexpress. With the...
  20. D

    SEO for product categories

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set the Meta Tags of the product categories as I noticed it has a predefined one, but don't know where to change it to set it to all categories automatically.