1. J

    Can not add more shipping methods

    i already has installed alidropship (original). There is no more enable/disable buttons are working on product edit page when i added and enable many shipping options (more than 11) to settings> shipping on admin panel. page notification shows " changes saved". but shipping method...
  2. JorgeL

    Is ok to install Yoast plugin and activate the built in function for SEO in Alidrophip?

    I have installed Yoast on my site but I also noticed that Alidropship plugin comes with a section for SEO. So, I would like to know if I should deactivate these options because I have Yoast installed and in that case what do I need to do to make sure the build-in function for SEO of Alidropship...
  3. S

    Alidropship that show too much quantity.

    I have alidropship store ,I done all settings that shows quantity up to 8 but that still show real quantity like more then 1000 in stock as in real . How to fix this error .Anybody have same error and how they fix in bulk not for one listing.
  4. E

    Product reset not working

    i am trying to reset products that have update issues like attribute change/variation changed. Nothing is happening ( products are not resetting) upon clicking reset. PS. 1. i have no chrome extension in my browser other than alidropship. 2. i tried it while i was not logged in into aliexpress...
  5. E

    Shipping price filter in alidropship plugin

    is it possible that we can have a shipping pricing filter, to somewhat like if it can filter out products that have epackets/aliexpress standard shipping cost is more than certain percentage of product price. for example product price is $20, then i am willing to pay up to 15% in shipping, so i...
  6. A

    Alishipping Shipping costs in single product page not only in cart page...

    Is there a way to show shipping costs per country selector in single product page so before they add to cart ... Like in Aliexpress.... or any code snippet to make this happen. Are there any updates available in the future for Alishipping Plug-in..
  7. J

    Sale For Custom Store Built On Alidropship with ( Hosting+Domain+AlidropShip Licence)

    Sale For Custom Store Built On Alidropship with ( Hosting+Domain+AlidropShip Licence) What is included in the sale? 1) Alidropship License 2) Hosting Till 22 December 2019 + Domain Till 02 December 2019 (Namecheap) 3) Instagram+FB+Pinterest+G+ Account 4) 200+ Ready to sell Products Listed With...
  8. A

    Payment options

    Hello, I am creating my store but I am not registered as a business. What payment options can I add to my website. I'm a foreigner where I live and registration is quite difficult. What affordable payment options can I use to receive card payment without a business registration. Thank you
  9. A

    which plugin should i go with?

    hello, I'm new here and i just bought the plugin. However, i am not sure which of the plugins i should use. I will be building the store myself because i have experience with wordpress. I dont know if to use the alidropship original or the woo version plugin. what do you advise I do? thank you.
  10. K

    promo codes campaign

    Hope You Guys doing well Looking to get some recommendations about Promo code camping. I know that Shopify has some apps to set up & run a perfect campaign but how to use Alidropship original plugin to run a successful campaign? Does anyone get any experience?. is there any add on we should...
  11. BBlasko

    Update a product in Alidropship

    Hi, I have a seasonal shop and many of my products are out of date. I try to update them in the settings, but I can't save them, it doesn't work. Do you know how to do it ?
  12. K

    Need a Help with Payment Getaway

    Hello Folk I'm having a headache with payment getaways. I'm living Sri Lanka and I tried to apply for Bluesnap & 2checkout but those companies just a joke. Paypal doesn't work properly here in Sri Lanka too. Do you guys have any experience integrate different payment getaways for Alidropship...
  13. wanabud

    To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel.

    Hello, I can't import products to my website, it always showing notification like this: To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel. I already authorize it. Please I need your support. Thank you Best Regards, Wanabud
  14. Blz

    Blurry images on Da Vinci 2.0

    Hello, I'm using Alidropship original plugin + Da Vinci 2.0 theme in one of my shops. Unfortunately, I just realized that all the gallery images on product pages look super blurry and not sharp (even if the original ones are sharp and high res 800x800+) The same problem on desktop and mobile...
  15. B

    Fully packed store with all services for sale

    Hello Everyone, I want to sell my site. It’s a sports niche website. No need to purchase any add-ons or any services. The website is fully packed with many features like: Alidropship Original Plugin (Still 50 imports left). 1 Year Alidropship Gold hosting valid for still 1 year. Free SSL...
  16. trixxmanaty

    conflict on shipping for own products

    Hi there, Please kindly assist. I am new to how the shipping on the alidropship plugin for Woocommerce works. I have set up a flat rate for my own products if the total cost is below $50 and free shipping for the cart with a minimum of $100. I have also set up a shipping class for my own...
  17. B

    Website down cous of add on

    I got the product addon plugin While I was on my dashboard, It say I needed to update I click up,few sec after my website crush, Says error Got an email from wordpress that my website has fatal error contact host I have contacted alidropship my host No response yet Dont want to lose all my hard...
  18. clean4lifefr

    Nothing's working now

    Hi, I did my Woocomerce plugin update and my Alidropship for Woocommerce crashed. It doesn't work since. I asked for support via e-mail on Thursday and didn't get any feedback. I tried to update the Alidropship plugin to the version but I still have problems. I don't have the option...
  19. LinasK`


    Selling with Alidropship license activated. Built myself but never advertised or drove real traffic to it, have no time for dropshipping anymore. All products and descriptions done editing, just need to import some reviews and that's it. Social accounts: Facebook...
  20. kdb

    Minimum and Maximum order Qty Control

    Dear AliD, In woocommerce there is the possibility of controlling minimum and maximum order quantity but I didn't find it in the ALID plugin. I hope it will be helpful if you include this feature in the upcoming release. Regards,