1. Sergei Alidropship

    AliDropship Google Chrome Extension ver.

    Fixed: - Import reviews with images only Features with Aliexpress API (for Alidropship plugin only): - Products import - Products update - Import from Edit page - Import from category page If you have feedback, please, feel free to leave a comment here!
  2. Sergei Alidropship

    Alidrosphip ver.

    Fixed: - Reviews import with images only - Fixes for Alishipping addon (release on 01.02.2024) Features with Aliexpress API: - Products import - Products update - Import from Edit page - Import from category page - Alishipping Important: Before Alishipping addon release, please, update your...
  3. Thordesign

    Payment procedure

    Good morning, I come to you hoping to find some help... I finally have my first order! When clicking on "place order automatically' I follow the process which asks me to add the delivery address (I therefore enter the address of the customer who ordered on my site). Then comes the choice of the...
  4. Nikson11

    Please help, Problem!

    Hello guys I have problem with plugin, when I want to put this product Doesnt work. Is it about product or its some my failure? Thanks!
  5. Nikson11

    Pricing Problem, Please Help!!

    Hello guys, As the title say I have pricing error in my app. Tried everything but cant fix. On ali its this price - but on my store in app is not that price. Whats is wrong. Anyone had some similar problems? Thanks!
  6. C

    How to sort payment options at checkout - Alidropship original plugin

    Hello, We would like to move Stripe payment option as the first payment option on checkout before PayPal on Alidropship plugin. Is there a snippet code we can use to make Stripe first and Paypal the second payment option on checkout?
  7. C

    Store Manager

    how can i get employee and assistant Store management
  8. C

    Debugging, troubleshooting, and flexible installation

    How can I check your site and fix errors? Can I from the developers and debugging Thank you
  9. A

    Set limit on maximum number of item purchase.

    hi, please let me know if there is any mechanism to stop customer from buying more than a certain number of product at a time. Just yesterday someone tried to purchase 39 units of an item on my site (of course blocked my payment gateway due to amount exceeded their limit). however i need...
  10. C

    Change in currency exchange rate

    I want to change the currency conversion rate Currency: the Yemeni riyal against the dollar. The current exchange rate: 250.25 Yemeni riyals, against the dollar. this is not true I want to change this against the dollar? I have two options, which one is better first suggestion Adoption...
  11. E

    tracking is not appearing

    hi, in my store i am facing problem with tracking. the tracking page is showing "This number can't be found at this moment" even when there is update in tracking in aliexpress. i have tried all 3 options for tracking service in backend. (17track, cainiao, possession)
  12. Shahbaz

    Selling my 2months old branded store for only $400 please contact +923310333319

    Selling my 2months old branded premium store for only $400 please contact +923310333319
  13. C

    Add my stor site to Google Play

    Welcome I'm a shop owner I'm using alidropship plugin + da Vinci theme I want to add my store to Google store how can i do that Thank you
  14. J

    Can not add more shipping methods

    i already has installed alidropship (original). There is no more enable/disable buttons are working on product edit page when i added and enable many shipping options (more than 11) to settings> shipping on admin panel. page notification shows " changes saved". but shipping method...
  15. JorgeL

    Is ok to install Yoast plugin and activate the built in function for SEO in Alidrophip?

    I have installed Yoast on my site but I also noticed that Alidropship plugin comes with a section for SEO. So, I would like to know if I should deactivate these options because I have Yoast installed and in that case what do I need to do to make sure the build-in function for SEO of Alidropship...
  16. S

    Alidropship that show too much quantity.

    I have alidropship store ,I done all settings that shows quantity up to 8 but that still show real quantity like more then 1000 in stock as in real . How to fix this error .Anybody have same error and how they fix in bulk not for one listing.
  17. E

    Product reset not working

    i am trying to reset products that have update issues like attribute change/variation changed. Nothing is happening ( products are not resetting) upon clicking reset. PS. 1. i have no chrome extension in my browser other than alidropship. 2. i tried it while i was not logged in into aliexpress...
  18. E

    Shipping price filter in alidropship plugin

    is it possible that we can have a shipping pricing filter, to somewhat like if it can filter out products that have epackets/aliexpress standard shipping cost is more than certain percentage of product price. for example product price is $20, then i am willing to pay up to 15% in shipping, so i...
  19. A

    Alishipping Shipping costs in single product page not only in cart page...

    Is there a way to show shipping costs per country selector in single product page so before they add to cart ... Like in Aliexpress.... or any code snippet to make this happen. Are there any updates available in the future for Alishipping Plug-in..
  20. J

    Sale For Custom Store Built On Alidropship with ( Hosting+Domain+AlidropShip Licence)

    Sale For Custom Store Built On Alidropship with ( Hosting+Domain+AlidropShip Licence) What is included in the sale? 1) Alidropship License 2) Hosting Till 22 December 2019 + Domain Till 02 December 2019 (Namecheap) 3) Instagram+FB+Pinterest+G+ Account 4) 200+ Ready to sell Products Listed With...