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its not weird idea at all, its for security purpose, most wordpress websites hacks are due to plugins or themes security issues.
I could sort of understand if it was the Admin folder.
Paranoia more like it, lol. Whoever suggested that to you is pretty naive. Wordfence + renaming the Admin folder via Wordfence is more than enough. Renaming the plugin folder will just cause problems. Like the one you already have.

Nevermind. We better not clog up the thread with explanations
PM me if you wish to defend the "unusual" decision further. It's not really that important. Let's get back to the bundle addon.
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What do you mean?? Buyer of course will pay, it's a common marketing practice, the cost of the 2nd item is already included in the total price. It's mostly used for low value items
It is a cheap strategy. The visitor can always check the actual price of the product and realize that it is much cheaper. The buyer will then understand that the price of the other product that is supposed to be free is actually added in the promo. If I am the visitor I would leave the site quickly without looking back, irritated thinking that the site is trying to fool me. The point is if we want visitors believe in something especially if it is not true, there should be no way of knowing.


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What do you mean?? Buyer of course will pay, it's a common marketing practice, the cost of the 2nd item is already included in the total price. It's mostly used for low value items
We will add an option to have 2 items in bundle making one of them free.
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Splendid idea in itself - just a couple of observations though ...

@Yaros : the instructions say "It appears on (the) every page of the Products, which appears in the bundle:" Which I take to mean that the PRODUCT BUNDLE created will show up only on pages* of the products in the bundle - makes sense but based on where it shows up on the page (below the Add to Cart button of the Product on display), one of two things can happen:

1. Product is duplicated (at least in our Cart it was).
a. Buyer visits Product page intending to buy the Product and adds it to Cart;
b. Scrolling down, he sees the PRODUCT BUNDLE and decides to go for it, automatically adding ALL THREE products in the bundle to the Cart.
c. The featured Product will be counted twice and the Cart Total reflects it.

The confusion arises if the buyer does not notice that the product count for one item has gone up by 1 and checks out (assuming the cost is not so great as to be noticeable). Not sure what's best. Somehow recognize that it's already in the Cart and omit adding 1 to it OR leave it 'as is' and let the buyer figure it out on her own most of whom would but might leave a bad after taste - not quite a smooth checkout experience.

2. Product skipped in favor of the bundle.
a. If the buyer had scrolled down before deciding to buy or not, he might just add the bundle and that's that. - no duplication.

* with the exception of the page of the product 'made free' in the bundle - the Product Bundle does not show up here.
Shouldn't it? The buyer might be thrilled to know that the item he wants to buy can be had for free if he went for the Product Bundle!

Actually, if the products in the bundle are all from the same category, maybe let it show up on all product pages of that category? More like a cross sell but in a bundle :)

A must have add-on in any case! Love it.
Updated to v.0.0.7

More feedback ...

1. BOGO Bundle
When we log out and log back in > and go to the Cart page > the 'FREE' item of the bundle is no longer free and changes from $0.00 to its actual price; with the Cart total showing the increment.

NOTE: In both cases (first logged in AND log out/back in) when you first try to delete any of the 3 items in the bundle, a message pops up to say "If you remove one Bundle product, all the other Bundle Products will be removed too. ". But when you do remove one, the others stay intact with the FREE item (if it was not the one deleted) changing from 'free' to its actual price. Also, clicking 'UNDO' does not reinstate the bundle benefits.

2. Flat % OFF Bundle
Created this bundle type to see if it's just the BOGO case. Same here:
a. Deleting one item does not remove the rest BUT the remaining items are no longer discounted (displays actual price and the Cart Total reflects it).
b. Logging out and logging in again cancels the Bundle benefits in the Cart page; items are still there but not discounted* as before.

*the discount had been neatly printed (cool!) at the end of the item description but no longer there and the price back to normal.

So 3 things:
1. Removing one Bundle item does not remove the rest.
2. Log out > log in again voids the Bundle benefits whilst leaving the items intact in the Cart.
3. Cannot 'UNDO' the change > only puts back the item in the Cart but no Bundle benefits.

Leaving the rest of the items intact may be a good thing as it forces the buyer to rethink and make a decision whether or not to re-apply the Bundle (just that he'll have to go back to the Product page as clicking 'UNDO' in the Cart page will not). So maybe change the popup message to "If you remove one Bundle product, you loose the benefits of the Bundle :( ".
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Any chance of a shortcode option so the Bundle can be inserted in an email to prospects?
Would be really neat if we could include it when promoting or introducing a new product to a mailing list - just more incentives to click and view!

Any updates/new features in the horizon?