Product Bundle add-on (BETA)

Dimitriy Strekalov

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We've just developed our new product - Product Bundle add-on! (yet available for Woo only)

Multiply your monthly profit with Product Bundle! Add an unlimited number of customizable and easy-to-shop bundles in just a few clicks.

If you are interested in it, please send me a PM and I will give you the add-on and license key for free.

To learn more about how this add-on works and how to setup it, please check these instructions.


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Im facing an issue, the plugin is not functioning properly because my plugins folder name is renamed and not called "plugins".
It better to make it follows wordpress coding standards so it works no matter what "plugins" folder name is.



Very good add-on. But it would be hard to find these products for example from one seller, so it cannot be shipped together. But this will be tempting to the visitors.


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Very good add-on. But it would be hard to find these products for example from one seller,
Right. But we face that problem with any upsell, cross-sell plugin + Aliexpress. I know most people have a statement on their shipping info page about items being sent from different warehouses and different packages ... but perhaps a short note (small print) regarding it could be placed at the bottom of the bundle box ... for example ...

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I am using it now with Woo Davinci 2.0 theme but it doesn't seem to show at the right place. Can we adjust the location?

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Whose weird idea was that? I could sort of understand if it was the Admin folder. Nevermind. We better not clog up the thread with explanations ... lol

its not weird idea at all, its for security purpose, most wordpress websites hacks are due to plugins or themes security issues.
BOGO refers to buy one get one free