[NEW SALES CLOSED] WEBRILY: Go Viral and Get Targeted Traffic for FREE

C'mon Kingpin, I know your busy, but we are all waiting with bated breath!

But Seriously, I tried this with Facebook, but I got a message saying
"we have removed your post because it looks like spam"
I know you always say there's always a way round these problems so any advice would be great regarding this wee matter?
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Ok, think I found the answer to my own question.
You say in an earlier post NOT to spam to groups, but I don't see how you can't spam to them. That's the point isn't it?
Also, how long after joining a group do you wait before sending your article?
Is it length of time or amount of posts you wait for after joining?


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I have the same problem, facebook says : " We removed this post because it looks like spam to us. If you did post this and don't believe it's spam, you can let us know."

and i click this not spam link.. after my article restored by facebook

cming msg : "Thanks again for letting us know about this post. We took another look and found it doesn't go against our Community Standards, so we've restored your post. We're sorry for the trouble and appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us so that we could correct this."

my articles are being republished this way... its hard...


Hello mate, please pm me your issue or error i will help you fix it right away.

thank you!
@kingpin, I just purchased this and made my first link according to instructions. I shared the link to Facebook and Twitter but I don't see the popup link. I opened it in other browsers, still no popup. Please help.


Hi mate
time delay popup functionality will be available in the upcoming Webrily 2.0 version.

I will send an email to everyone who bought it, about the new version

@kingpin, as a follow up to my message above. I have managed to share links with popup now, but the popup is too big and is showing ahead of the post. I just bought it and I really think it is the Version 2.0 with the time delay option and other customizations like the size of the image and the popup itself.


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Hello mates

Upgraded Webrily 2.0 will be launched tomorrow. All the buyers will get an email with details soon

ordered this 2.0 version and the upgrade is huge!
did not test yet, too many option to explore lol
whats about bonus?


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now i have a store
now I have tools (viralti)
now I have to find out the best marketing way to use
need to get some sale from my new store,, also thinking to buy an established one to save time ... time is money


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I bought this long time ago. Does it mean I have to still buy the upgraded version? If not then how do I upgrade my own?


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I am also curious. I purchased the first Webrily and received email message for release of 2.0. I thought the upgrade was included in the original price or do we need to pay separately for the upgrade? If so, how is our account upgraded to 2.0?


I am also curious. I purchased the first Webrily and received email message for release of 2.0. I thought the upgrade was included in the original price or do we need to pay separately for the upgrade? If so, how is our account upgraded to 2.0?
I have been using Webrily and have successfully created links and shared it with the social networks. I am also monitoring my website in Google Analytics, and honestly I don't see traffic or a page visited that would suggest that it is due to the links that I shared. I like the idea of Webrily but I yet have to see results. Until then I will consider this upgrade.


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Hi mates

Webrily 1.0 is a separate SAAS which is strong in its own way if one know how to use it and share links in a right groups

Webrily 2.0 is a brand new cloud based service hosted on a different domain name. Just to keep the name familiar with you guys, it is named as Webrily 2.0

Webrily 1.0 lacked some features according to some existing customers that gave me some feedback and suggestion which gave me a push to get a new service with more features and functionality for you all :)

Do check http://webrily.com/oto1 for details about Webrily 2.0

At a same time we have pushed some tweaks and fixed some minor errors and made puting custom HTML to make your Webrily 1.0 links look awesome and we have upgraded the hosting environment to a strong server to handle all the traffic on Webrily 1.0 created links also

This solve the confusion here :)

ho ho!!!
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Hi @kingpin

I bought your product when it just launched which is a long time ago. It was working alright at the beginning, but after a while, facebook banded the link from Webrily and also it wasn't mobile friendly. Then you said you will fix the problem and make it mobile friendly soon. To be honest, I really respect you because you helped people on this forum very often. I think you are a reliable and honest man. So I just trust any single word form you. I waited for this new version for months (I really do think many other people who bought your 1.0 version did the same thing like me). You delay the launch time several times, but I do understand you want to show us the perfect product try to make no issue for us. I really appreciate that.

Today, I got the 2.0 version launched email. I was so excited to open it. But it really is a disappointment for me( I think same to many other people as the same situation like me). You want to sell this 2.0 version to us. Do you remember what did you said before? I know you are a busy man, so I think just forgot what you said two months ago. Please go to page 15 and have a look. Actually, I gonna save your precious time I did few screenshot on that page with all your words. Personally, I do understand you need to spend lots of money on software development and the hosting etc. But I think in this forum, there have more people haven't bought your product than who bought your product already. I think you should focus on that market, not squeeze the "already buy" people. Because we trust you, that why we bought your product, you could upsell anything to us, but not sell us a product with"FREE UPGRADE PROMISED" to these people who have their faith in you.

Honestly, I do not want to shout this kind of thing out, if someone says these things to me I will feel bad. But I won't give anyone a chance like this to say anything bad about me because I won't do this confuse right and wrong thing to my customer. We do business we dealing with people, anybody bought anything started from a simple pure trust. I won't destroy or play around with that. In this way, I might not make big money, but I win hearts and I will have a long way to go. In my opinion, this is the true "BUSINESS". Trickies might boost your efficiency in a short period, but the road will go tighter and tighter. No one gonna win big with that way. Also, in this case, there was nothing about the money it is about 'CREDIT'. Please do not reply me back with anything forcing to the money point. THIS IS NOT ABOUT $22!

Anyway, I really want to say I think you just too busy then you forgot what you said, you are not wanting to be tricky or play around with people. Hopefully, Kingpin still 'OUR' Kingpin.


Kind regards




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