My AlidropShip Journey


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December 2017 Update:

Hey guys time for an update on my small dropshipping journey. :)

I set a goal of making my first sale at the start of this journey by the end of 2017. I am lucky to say GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

I have to thank Jubran for all his precious help, Alessandro for keeping me motivated along the way and all the staff of Alidropship for replying to my every message.

2 months ago I knew vaguely about dropshipping. Last month at the start of December I had $0 in sales.

I had to wait for black friday to shift my hosting to siteground and I was still working on the site till the end of November.

I started promotion on the 2nd of December.

At the end of Dec, I made $442.55 in revenue from 29 sales. I had 3403 visitors the site during the month of Dec.

I have spent $92.20 on IG shoutouts ($88) and fb ads ($4,20).

After paying for the orders and stripe/paypal fees, I have made a profit of $68.68. I'm not counting hosting, domain fees and price of alidropship plugin in it. Not ground breaking by any means, but I'm lucky to have profited from my first month online in dropshipping.

I have refunded only once for 1 product (because the buyer mistakenly bought the same product twice) and got scammed from an IG influencer for $10 (Dispute still ongoing on Paypal).

I made many mistakes along the way but I learnt a lot too:
- Diving head first into a passion of mine instead of analyzing the niche and competition.
- Importing 100 of products without verifying supplier details.
- Not using SSL on my domain.
- Using a shared hosting on hostgator.
- No Logo on site
- Watermarks on all my product pictures.
- Aliexpress account getting frozen
- Plugin not working at some point (due to adblock on chrome)
- Wasting too much money on shoutouts
- Doing the same thing as my competitors
- Playing around on fb ads and losing money
- Using bad ads for shoutouts
- Having my fb fan page banned twice by fb for spamming
- Not starting promo for my IG page till the last week of december
etc etc...

But my Biggest Mistake of ALL: Using Test key on stripe!

Luckily I managed to correct most of the mistakes and still working on some.

I bought another license for the Alidropship Plugin but my time is very limited.

My niche is very, very competitive with some sites spending around $100 in shoutouts. But I'll continue working on my current site in January to learn as much as possible and perhaps, start building another site in another niche or a general store at the end of February.

I wish to make use of this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year 2018 and loads of success in your dropshipping Journeys. :)

Next Goal: $1000 in profit by the end of January
That's awesome mate! Keep it up! Golden tip for everyone trying to find influencers or looking to get website visits for a cheap price: use IG stories from Facebook.
Do you videos or just images?
On my account I don't have link capability yet. How you get around it?