[METHOD] STRIPE Payment Gateway

Hi everyone,

I want to share with you simple Method for getting Stripe wherever you are in this big World :D

And I'm this good because I see everyone is struggling with Payment Gateway!

I decided to try Stripe and had to find a fast and legal way to accept it without being resident of the supported countries.

As for now I know it's functioning well, but the thing is I don't know how long will it drive but if something happens then just open a new one :D

So here is the method to GET STRIPE and live forever:

The normal way is to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or C-corp in the US and open the bank account; however, even if the process of LLC opening is simple and can be done remotely, there are no banks in the US that are willing to open an account without the potential owner first visiting the branch.

Also, Stripe requires you to enter SSN or EIN to verify your identity, which stops 90% of people in their tracks.

The good news: Yes! You can get an EIN being a foreigner AND remotely, which is enough for Stripe to activate your account.

To proceed you'll need a few crucial things:
  • A US bank account
  • A SSN or EIN
  • U.S. Address ( I used $10 USAMail for this or just use any POBox System, you just need address)
  • TextNow or Sonetel for approving Stripe Account to proceed with transactions (they will hold it if you don't do that)


1) Bank Account
Thank God there is PAYONEER! – payment system that can provide you with a prepaid MasterCard AND has the ability to accept ACH transfers from US Companies - exactly what is used by Stripe to conduct a payout.

Registration for Payoneer is straightforward and if you want, you can use my link to get $25 to your account. Once you're done they will send you the card (MasterCard), however you don't need to wait to receive it and can start accepting payments from Stripe right away.

2) SSN / EIN
This article is for foreigners and I assume you know nothing about SSN (Social Security Number). One thing you should know though is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get it.

The alternative to SSN is EIN – an Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, which is used to identify a business entity.

To get the EIN you'll need to make a call to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and do some homework:
  • Download the form and fill it in beforehand.
  • Call the IRS (number – (800) 829-4933) and say that you need an EIN. They will ask you to send the form by fax, but just say that you do not have a fax machine and would like to do it by phone.
  • The operator will ask you to have the form on hand and dictate fields.
  • In 10 minutes you'll have an EIN number which also will be sent to you by mail (in your home country).
The only other thing worth doing is asking the IRS about filing a tax return. In my case they told: "We don't care, just pay in your home country".

When you have your EIN, you can go to Stripe and switch the LIVE/TEST switcher to LIVE, then click Activate Account.

You have to fill out all the fields, but be careful with the following. Here is what you should choose:

Country: United States

Business type: Individual / Sole Proprietorship

EIN: The number you've received

Address: Any mail-forwarding address in the US (PO Box Address)

Phone: Real US phone number (get it here and forward to your phone) or FREE Solution is TextNow

SSN: 0000

Bank Account: Log in to your Payoneer account, click Receive -> Global Payment Service and copy all the bank info from there.

And that's it. Accept your payments!

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask I'll do my best to answer it.


EDIT: This is hit or miss method cause it's done BlackHat way, it's up to you to decide if you will drive with this Stripe account or you'll make some $$ and get it WhiteHat way (LLC)...nobody knows when you could get blocked, reviewed, etc. by Stripe!
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Did you receive payments in that Stripe account you created with this method ? & did you withdraw money to payoneer with success ?
Yes, the payments go so smoothly :) then you need to wait approx. 5 days for first transaction to snap onto Payoneer account, then when it hits your Payoneer account you can spend it wherever you want with your MasterCard :)

Here is the proof for successful transaction:
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I did a payoneer account.

Do you have an example of how to fill in the form? I have no idea what to put in those fields.
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Really great article, but as said above, it would be great to see filled example of form, because it's quite hard to understand it, especialy. for those like me, whose english knowledge is really bad. We just don't know what we should tick there and which fields should be leaved blank.

Also, does generating this EIN number may somehow charge you or oblige you to declare something in the future? To be more clear, may this EIN registration get you in some troubles after a while?

Thank you.


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I'll post signed form example, they said to me that I should pay tax in my country, so I think that means that you shouldn't have problems in future :D


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Also, when filling Account application in stripe and selecting United States, they show SSN as required field. You just leave it blank and thats it?

Och, you already mentioned that above. I'm sorry. Did you called them from your Croatia phone number? Is there anything we should avoid to tell them on a phone or there is no secrets and everything is legal?

Waiting for example. :)
Och, you already mentioned that above. I'm sorry. Did you called them from your Croatia phone number? Is there anything we should avoid to tell them on a phone or there is no secrets and everything is legal?

Waiting for example. :)
nevermind :D, i called them from my us skype number, i wrote my conversation with agent, there shouldn't be problems, just try, you just need to fill the form as you need it for banking purposes only
Thank you! The real struggle that they will not understand my accent and I don't even know how to tell them my full name so they write down it correctly.. Well, I will try.. :D Thanks again.
For International IRS (for foreigners) it's a different number: +012679411099

I managed to do it, after waiting for like 40 minutes on the phone and after her computer died once and waiting 20 minutes for the computer to boot back up.

My stripe is working find at the moment, let's hope it will last.
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Just called them and got my EIN. That was most terrible and most funny thing at the same time I had experienced lately.. :D Because of my bad english we comunicated for about 45 minutes till we filled everything up and fixed all mistakes. First she wrote my name incorrectly - Limas. I said it is Linas (not M but N - as Nightmare). She said that this comunication is really hard if the first thing from letter N comes as NIGHTMARE for me. We both laughted so hard that we could not even continue on this. The rest conversation was just ridiculous. :D
For the author, I would sugggest to add more US P.O. box providers, because we all get same Valley Cottage adress which, I believe, will arouse some suspicion for stripe in the future and we all may get suspended.

Next thing.. When calling them, on section 9a mark "Sole Proprieton (SSN)" instead of :"Personal service corporation". Yesterday I asked her about that and she recommended to select "Sole Proprieton" if I'm not planning to take any actions with that in USA. This selection is just "less serious".
hahahahah here you see what mockery is US IRS :D
as for P.O. Boxes, just google it and you'll find tons of them :)
okay, mine didn't tell me that sort of thing, but I think that you can't thick Sole Proprieton because we are foreigners and we don't own SSN

I'm very glad to see that you all done it successfully :) happy transactioning :D
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Hi Everyone! At First want to thank kristijan95 for that way to set up Stripe. Just one question. Can Stripe detected IP of your country and block you? How you guys figure out this issue?