epacket delivery delay

Just saw this now as well! Seems like ePacket changed their shipping times.

It was between 12-20 days, now it's like 44-45 plus days?!?!
Has anyone noticed an increase in the delivery time for ePacket to US?
most of the item I had selected for my store had the usual 12-20 days but now for most the delivery time has increased to 44 day some 35 days other 27 days...
shall this be the new trend it would be a disaster!!!
Does anyone have an explanation and or suggestions?

Aliexpress does not inform AliDropship team about such changes. Probably this delay is related to Chinese New Year.
Yes, I know Aliexpress does not inform AliDropship team about such changes. But we can expect a response from you(Alidropship) about any important changes of Aliexpress what push big impact on dropshippers.
Thanks for your response! :)


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Hello, its not a critical issue yet but I noticed that epacket to USA still free but takes like 25 days instead of 12-20 as before.

dunno if its only my niche/ aliexpress store but im afraid to get more complaint from customers about shipping time..

EDIT: my post has been moved here by a moderator, I did not know it was a known issue. This post has been created some days ago.
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