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Use WP Downgrade to Run a Previous Version of WordPress
If you’re uncomfortable with FTP and the idea of deleting core files, there is a plugin available for downgrading WordPress. If you like this idea, go ahead and install WP Downgrade after backing up your site:

Installing WP Downgrade plugin
Then, navigate to Settings > WP Downgrade and enter your target version of WordPress into the relevant field:

Setting the WordPress target version
Click on Save Changes, and then go to the Updates screen. You’ll see that your target version is now listed as the “latest version of WordPress”:

Re-installing WordPress 5.0
Click on the Re-install Now button to complete the downgrade. WordPress will appear to run a normal update, and then you should see the welcome message for your target version:

The WordPress 5.0 welcome message
To re-install the most recent version of WordPress once you’re done troubleshooting, you’ll need to return to Settings > WP Downgrade. You can change your target version back to the latest update, and then repeat the process detailed above.


See i try everyway but can't
I just solved mine, if you updated WP so you have to update the version of alidropship too.
if you failed on downgrade WP, you can back to your back up data, hopefully you always have your datas backup.
if you have it just imported those datas, you'll be ok. the upgraded will gone automatically

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Not everyone is smart enough in IT.
Realising that "anything" should be updated, renewed or replaced from worn-out shoes and empty ballpoint pens to outdated Wordpress plugins to newer ones when available hardly requires any particular ability in "I.T".

It just requires one simple thing.

Common Sense.

Now, again, please ... someone kill me.

Thank you.

Not everyone is smart enough in IT.
Not everyone has a sense of humour, either. ;)
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We having the same issues. Can't import products. The variations/gallery/featured image are not working. When trying to view on front-end 404 appears.