$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store


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Hey superstars and awesome people.

Never knew ecom is that **** easy.

Opened a new general store with some cool stuffs in it 30 days ago. And bang bang the results are just awesome.

Its not a niche store

Selling no cheap products like products below 10 dollars.

Targeting USA and Australia

Target medium: Fb ads
Audience: retail shopkeepers

Using alidropship woo version.

Using Print on Demand services also like one can design own merchandise with own name and blah blah.

Spent 900$ on fb ads so far

Started with a budget of $5 per adset per day

After calculating everything and paying out sourcing charges and all i am left with $14.5k in profits.

Would love to help you guys as much as possible to achieve some big numbers.

Thanks Yaros for this plugin. Total control I have on my site now.



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I'm using the woocommerce version of alidrop

And in woocommerce u have an option to apply a coupon code above any price range

Like i do cart total if its 100$ or above shipping is Free


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do you have any advice on how to target audience on fb? i tried it before and started with 5$ a day too but it wasn't really converting to sales. did you use conversion or ppe?


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do you have any advice on how to target audience on fb? i tried it before and started with 5$ a day too but it wasn't really converting to sales. did you use conversion or ppe?

I do all types of fb ads. But i am getting my expertise more and more on video ads

Use audience insight tool on your fb ad manager and target using interest

You will get lot of tutorial on youtube about how to do interest targeting using audience insight tool on fb


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Nice share!
What kind of apps that you install besides Alidropship plug-in to support your e-comm store? and what kind of difficulties or problem you face so far when you use alidropship for woo version? I still gather many feedback prior to deciding to buy alidropship or alidropship for woo.
Actually I prefer alidropship for woo but still soliciting more information.


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First of, nice work kingpin!

Did you have a facebook pixel that you have used on similar websites or other sites?

Maby you can explain a bit more details on how you make your ads, for example, wich program do you use to make your video ads, did it take some weeks before hitting the right ad and make conversion? And how do you scale your ads?



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Great result, can you say what theme you using or make picture in blocks how it looks. Any cool benefits from theme or any plugin?


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Congrates man!!! You're so so awesome. what is your platform when you sell POD? Or just get products from aliexpreess?


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Can anyone suggest whats the best plugin(price, service and options) for offering custom design t-shirts and other items? I am looking for a plugin that goes well with Alidropship plugin. Thank you very much.


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Hello! Can you show us exactly Step by Step a working FB Ads?
Targeting, Countries, mobile or desktop...everything.


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54 opened tabs in your mobile chrome ? :O

you did some good numbers there, almost thought i seeing one more 0 in that number.

Question : Why did you decide to go for more expensive products ? Everyone here recommending cheap products because of higher profit, no problems with import taxes and so on..


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That's great to hear KP, curious, how long did it take you to SETUP the website to LAUNCHING the store?

And how many products did you INITIALLY have upon launching the store?

Great to see your success and keep going!