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Hello Alimembers

Is time to give back to the community.

I like to share something for free,

Below are 3 plugin i created myself, I will like to give one of them to all of the member requested the most one.

So please like and comment which plugin you prefer. I will give it for free the plugin that have the most request.

Here are the plugins i created .

They plugins are working only with the woo themes.

1) As you know PayPal it will stop the support PayPal checkout plugin 1st of March. I found the Paypal Payment have some issue so far.
So when i was looking for the PayPal standard i found that, by default is missing from the new woocommerce installation.

I created a plugin that bring the PayPal standard Back.

So if you want the PayPal Standard Comeback plugin back Then like this post and comment i want PayPal Standard Comeback plugin.

2) The second plugin that i created and i never really understand why it where missing by default from many themes is that.

When you hit the add to card in product page the image of the product is appear and in the slider and in the card page but never appear on the checkout page.

See image here how is look from default checkout


So for this reason i created the Woo Checkout Image plugin, See Below image how is look like now.


So if you want the Woo Checkout Image plugin then like this post and comment i want Woo Checkout Image plugin.

3) The last but not least. I find it very annoying that when you are in the checkout page is not have a back to shop button.

I Create a plugin full compatible with all of alidropship woo themes that allow you to add "continue shopping" button see image below.


So if you want the Continue "shopping” button in Woocommerce checkout plugin then like this post and and comment
Continue "shopping” button in Woocommerce checkout plugin.

So let start, LIKE this post and comment one of the 3 option, The plugin with the most comment it will be give to all of the members request after the end of this month.

Ali members, the stage is your !!!

1) PayPal Standard Comeback plugin.
2) Woo Checkout Image plugin.
3) Continue "shopping” button in Woocommerce checkout plugin.

I believe dropshipping with the correct guidelines and support alidropship provide us, almost all of us can be successful. Let your imagination guide you , think out of the box, search the best niche, find the faster suppliers , Create an amazing website and sky is the limit

Very Kind Regard to all of the members here.

And special thank to the staff members that always are available to as for help and support!!

Thank you for create this amazing tool.



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