$15400 In One Month With a New Store ? Yes is Possible! (November 2021)


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Today Update ;)

1) I has 5 good orders today ,:eek:

2) Is really very inconvenient to place manual orders . I also notice when i cancel the automatically order placement all of my aliexpress account turn in polish language (I have manual turning back to english ) . I hope aliexpress stabilise them layout so alidropship be able to update the alidropship chrome extension.

That is really effect my work.

I designing all of the marketing material (images and videos) myself. That really take me time as i design all of the images individual for each ads.

3) I have already collected some emails in my facebook lead generation campaign, I will wait until 5ts of the November and i will start my email campaign as well.

In ideal world people get it pay at 1st of the month , that unfortunately is not happening. Usually are paid 5ts to 10ts of the months.
Those are the days from my personal experience people usually buy more .

So for this specific project my larger conversion and email campaign is going to start at 5ts of November ( because is Friday)

More Soon
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Today I received a newsletter from a dropshipping blog.

I couldn’t agree more :)

Here it is!!!
Humans are visual beings. The brain can identify images seen for as little as 13 milliseconds. Imagine how fast your customers make a decision “to buy or not to buy” with their one glance!

That is SOOOO true. When you realize that you have make the half sale.


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Hello Ali Members !!

Today Update ;)

Sales of 3 days , I when little bit out of my daily budget but from then moment the profit is above my loss i am ok with the result.


I said in a previous post of mine that I will share the journey of 1st to 30st of November.

Before is happening that you needed a little bit of preparation :) For me that was a little over 2 weeks.

Time for creating the store.

Time to Create and run your marketing plan.

Time for perfection the above option.

Is not usually happen sales in that period of time but are welcome when they come. The niche i have chose is going to be on trend for sure for another 2-3 months. I am willing to take the most out of this.

For you have a successful dropshiping business many people say choose a niche that you like, nothing is wrong with that.

But i personal prefer to find a needs and give them the solution :)


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Hello Ali Members !!

Today Update ;)

Is a new day and i am little bit out of my ads budget. But still the profit is way above my loss so i keep going :)

I am really happy because i have some recovered orders so far. The true is the people i have recovered they buy low cost products .
But is stil $350 :)


Below are the sales of 1st of November to 11st of November. Let see if we can reach 10k before then end of the month ;)


I will keep everybody update :)


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Hello Ali members,

I know its pass some time for updating this thread !!!

But here i am :)

I has issue with my hosting on 16 of November, my server crashed.

On the same plan i have and other websites and i had to recover all of them .

After long back and forth with my hosting provider live chating with 30-45 minute delay answers (how you call it that live chat ?? i don't know).

I recover first this website for is crashed 3 hours later again. I have restored it again and hope to stay up this time . (that have really impacted my sales as well ) i have to stop the advertising for the moments until to fixing and my other websites.

I am current waiting the backup to finish and i find time to update that thread. I am not angry but disappointed. Disappointed because its take me back from the challenging i am doing here with all of you together.

But i am still positive i will be able to reach the $15000 gross sales in the end of the month.

I hope Everybody have a fantastic day
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Hello Ali members

Yes you must do it :)

I hope everybody uses their own shopping experience for besting their own marketing campaign.

What do I mean by that ? Is black Friday Week.

Is so easy to find ideas for you use them in your own marketing plan (only a look in your own email account you will find million of those tips and trick marketer use to run their business )

So here i will mention some (not all of them, as i will like to keep something secret for me and my clients as well ).

1) Email marketing: create a new super coupon for Black Friday with a higher discount. Sent to you customers.

2) Design and Change your facebook and twitter cover in black Friday mood.

3) Instagram: big 6 images setup of promo (6 images working like one big image promoting black Friday offer). Come on guys use your own creativity here.

4) Giveaway products to 5 lucky customers ( if they like, comment and share your post with 5 friends ) for example.

I will post the sales of this store at the end of the week, so stay tuned :)

Let reach the $15000 at the end of the month.

Talk to all of you soon.


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Hello Ali members,

November has come to the end and my new store made over US$ 15400 !!! Not bad with a new store operating during the pandemic.

This is an aliexpress dropshipping store using the alidropship woo plugin.

I have used everything I know for operating on this lever.. I take a risk starting the journey together with you.. I didn't come to this forum at the end of my journey and say I just reached $15000.


Here is not luck at all.. there is a completely business dropshipping plan behind. I found something (niche ) that people are crazy about and created a shop with those products.

(I DON'T SELL WHAT I LIKE .. I SELL WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY) this is not my hobby but my business .. I know many don't like this approach, but this works very well for me :)

I built the website with the minimalist approach in mind ... Use all the free organic methods and tricks I know.

I use common sense and use other people's promotions to bring traffic to my website (I do not give more info on that as it is something that I share only with my customers and my own sites ). Most importantly, I use facebook paid ads the correct way.

My first plan was to use only around $1000-$1400 on ads ... i have pay little more than this because i see potential so i has to readjust my plan (if something doesn't have the result you looking for then change it , is no reason you try more on that )

How i say multiple times, if you run correct your NEW store everybody can have sales.

If you have any questions you can ask me here!!! I will be happy answering to all of you!!

P.S I will like at the end to THANKS alidropship company for that amazing plugin and services. This is not my first store i have create and be successful, but is the first one that have reach so fast this amount of sales.

So thank you .
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Hello Chris.

That is fantastic. I have 2 questions if may i ask.

1) Can i know how many products your store have ?

2) Did you use any instagram shoutout ?


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Hi chris37,

which theme did you use for the shop, and which plugins would you recommend as very useful?


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Hi BaB,

which theme did you use for the shop
I use astra theme.

I have custom design the theme from scratch using elementor. Not template.

My niche is unique so i needed a unique theme specific for this purpose.
and which plugins would you recommend as very useful?
Obviously alidropship woo :)

For me, very important plugin if you already know how to bring traffic in your website is the mailchimp for woocommerce . Is allow the customers to subscribe in your website in the checkout. So you can reach them again and again with email marketing.
Is also connected your eShop in their platform, so your products is connected and you can see the results if a customers buy from your campaign..
Is a plugin with many functionality.


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Hi chris37,
Question: how do you calculate the taxes?

My prices including the taxes.. Some countries have an extra percentage if the product be shipped from chine. (I have a note in my site " We are not responsible for any custom fees once the items have shipped. By purchasing our products, you consent that you may get custom fees when the products arrive to your country.)

If you speak about my personal VAT, my accounter managed that but usually in my country is 19%