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Hi friends!

We are excited to announce that our team will participate in the upcoming conference - Affiliate World Asia (AWA) in December!
We will have our own booth where we can meet you in person, discuss the market situation, and have a pleasant conversation.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Date: 7-8 December 2023
Booth number: B46

Affiliates, marketers, and e-commerce entrepreneurs - AWA is a great opportunity to meet industry leaders!
We look forward to seeing you there!

See you at AWA!



❄️Somewhere there is already a lot of snow, and somewhere palm trees are turning green — what does it mean?

It means that December has already arrived and it's time to sum up the improvements of AdsPower for November.

So, closer to the point. Last month we:

launched the End-Of-Year Sale

updated the kernel of Chromium to version 119

◦ added new options to RPA

◦ upgraded API capabilities

◦ integrated a new payment method

◦ added another way to earn energy points.

More detailed information on each point can be found in the article.

The update, filled with care for your comfort and convenience



Let's act and make dreams come true together

After a long and difficult journey with many obstacles, we have Synchronizer feature for macOS devices!

Competitors wasted no time and quickly picked up the idea, but let's not forget that AdsPower set this trend

And this means that if we have something in mind, we will definitely do it better than anyone else. Right now, on macOS devices, in addition to the main action replay function, the Synchronizer feature is capable of:

⚡ Modeling human behavior through:

"paste-as-human" and "type-as-human" functions;
setting delays between clicks and text input in different windows.

⚡ Various text input options:
entering the same text in all windows sequentially;
entering different text in random windows.

➕ Two window layout options: tile and mosaic, so that usage is not only efficient, but also convenient.

Is this worth your reactions?



We provide a unique opportunity! Now you are in the role of a respected judge!

The winner of the year, the best anti-detect browser, the audience sympathy award or...?

What nomination did AdsPower deserve in 2023?

By what criteria to evaluate?
Just write who was always ahead and realize that this is AdsPower Look at our achievements for the past year and draw your own conclusions.

✨ 2023 in Review: Those We Achieved This Year

And what do you think about it? Did we deserve the title of the best of the best?



Accelerating work processes, saving time, and getting rid of routine -
all these advantages of browser automation have become synonymous with RPA robot capabilities

But what could be better than RPA? Only free RPA!

From January 10 to April 1, the use of RPA in AdsPower is completely free

During this time, purchased point packages will not be expended, and time-based packages will be extended by 90 days.

The functionality of RPA truly unleashes the full power of AdsPower, and now everyone can see it for themselves!

The time has come for total automation! If not now, then when?

We leave useful links below
RPA documentationHelp Center



It's already mid-January on the calendar. The plans are made, and the goals for 2024 are set.

Well, like you, we will diligently follow the plan and strive to achieve fantastic results! Good luck to us!
And now, let's once again remember a little bit of 2023 and summarize the updates that December brought us


• updated Chromium and Firefox kernels to version 120
• added substitution for "App language" and "WebGPU"
• added the ability to mass update the browser core or UA

• launched a version for macOS with support for most features

• "Click" and "Element appearance" operations: the selector supports the use of variables
• "Scroll" operation: pixel scrolling supports the use of variables
• "Google Sheets" operation: when selecting a range of data, the use of variables is supported
• maximum character count in the description increased to 100 for all operations
• added the ability to stop the execution of all tasks simultaneously

AdsPower for Linux
• added substitution for "ClientHints", "WebGL metadata", "Media device", "Font", "Speech voices", "Device name" and "App language"
• optimized functions: "Random fingerprints", "Core loading" and "Preferences"
• fixed the issue with deploying a window without minimize and maximize buttons

• added a "Notes" column for managing profile groups conveniently
• added a "Check duplicate" function, which allows checking and excluding proxy duplicates when adding new ones
• implemented the transfer of profiles from Dolphin{anty} to AdsPower
• added a "Check local network" function for quickly checking the local IP
• registration in AdsPower is available through a Facebook account

ℹ️ Detailed information and demonstration of updates can be found here.


How many points did you count? More than your ❤️ on this post?



Effective traffic saving in AdsPower!

Now, in each browser profile, you can customize individual settings:
disable image and video loading, as well as save tabs.

This will significantly reduce internet traffic usage.
Especially useful when using a proxy with data usage-based payment.

As they say, little fish are sweet useful!

#new_functionality #useful



Why is it important for you to know about the intricacies of WebRTC settings

The fingerprint (browser fingerprint) that we carefully try to spoofing consists of many parameters. One of the most important components is the WebRTC fingerprint. In simple terms, it is a web protocol that allows you to use video and audio communication in your browser profile.

We, at AdsPower, understand how important it is to effectively mask this fingerprint, as a WebRTC data leak can lead to the blocking of your accounts. That's why, in addition to the current WebRTC settings: Replace, Real and Disable, we have added another mode - Forward ⚡️

How does the Forward mode work❓

When this mode is activated in AdsPower, your IP address (real or proxy) will be forwarded to the site through a Google server. This way, your IP will be masked at a higher level, making it even more difficult for websites to track you.

Why is this useful for me❓

Since the new mode will allow you to be even more anonymous and secure, it will strengthen your accounts on sites with a high level of security, such as Facebook, Ebay, Google, Discord, etc.

Want to learn more about WebRTC and its modes?
Then check out our article and find out how AdsPower ensures your anonymity!

#new_functionality #fingerprint #useful



Holidays, snow, tangerines - it's certainly wonderful.

But what can make us even happier in January? That's right, it's the AdsPower updates!

Read on to learn about the latest features in the browser over the past month.


❄️ Profile Configuration
New WebRTC mode: Forward
Custom settings
• Random proxy selection

❄️ RPA
• Added debugging logs to the RPA process
Launched a promotion: limited-time free RPA

❄️ Synchronizer
• Now supports synchronization between extension pop-up windows on macOS

❄️ Other
• Personal settings. Now you can unsubscribe from marketing emails/SMS
• VND price. We have launched pricing in VND. Currently, we accept MoMo, VietQR, and ZaloPay.


ℹ️ Detailed information and demonstration of updates can be found here.

Don't forget to update the AdsPower application to the latest version to try out the new features. Enjoy the update!



5️⃣ years! This is exactly how long AdsPower diligently protects accounts and contributes to the growth of your business!

Today we are celebrating our 5th anniversary and proudly looking back.
During this time, we have gained tremendous experience and put in even more effort to provide the best service for our clients.
Thank you for staying with us.

Let's celebrate this event and rejoice together. We are announcing the launch of a sale:

• 10% discount on a 90-day subscription.
• 15% discount on a 180-day subscription.
• 50% discount on a 360-day subscription.

And also the start of a competition for X.
Find out more details here.

Sincerely, AdsPower team!



And so will it be for everyone!

No-no, that's not what you thought. We mean transferring profiles.
Now you can transfer them from your Multilogin account to AdsPower in just 3 steps.

The instructions are here.

Switch to a reliable anti-detect browser with maximum comfort.



Kernel...another kernel, get ready, release barrage!

• [March 14th] FlowerBrowser kernel with user-gent version has been updated to Firefox 123

• [March 14th] SunBrowser kernel with user-gent version has been updated to Chromium 122

New fingerprints are now available in AdsPower!



It seems like we have been forgetting the useful habit of learning more about our favorite anti-detect browser. Let's fix that!

So, here's the 23rd issue of the informative #FAQ section, where we answer users' popular questions:

#67 - I want to switch to AdsPower from another browser, how can I do this comfortably?
Here we have described ways to transfer profiles to AdsPower using tokens from well-known anti-detect browsers. If the one you need is not on the list, you can always contact support and find out the most convenient existing method.

#68 - Sorting profiles by name looks strange and inconvenient. Is there a better way to sort them?
Yes, there is a lifehack that will be helpful for you. When creating a profile name, it is worth typing 0 before smaller numerical values in relation to the largest one, for example: 001, 014, 131. This way the sorting will be more organized.

#69 - I want only selected extensions to be installed in certain profiles. How can I do this?
You need to go to the "Extensions" tab, where in the top right corner there will be a "Categories" button, where you can create an extension pack and assign it to a specific profile. When creating or editing a profile, in the "Other settings" - "Extensions" section, you can choose your extension category.

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March Update Summary

Keep reading to find out about the latest features in AdsPower for the first month of spring 2024.


• SunBrowser kernel with user-agent version updated to Chromium 122
• FlowerBrowser kernel with user-agent version updated to Firefox 123

Profile Management
• added "Last Closed" column to the profile list

• added hotkeys for "Add Bookmark", "Zoom", and "Find" functions in macOS version

Local Settings
• added option to launch profile in "Open as minimized" state

• optimized download logic (x3)


ℹ️ Detailed information with update demonstrations can be found here.

Don't forget to update your AdsPower app to the latest version to try out the new features.



[ ✉️ 1 unread message ]

Stability and reliability are the main priorities of AdsPower development.
Following this rule, we have achieved another significant milestone!

We are excited to announce that today Syncronizer has officially been updated from beta to stable version.
This means it will work smoothly on both Windows and macOS.

⚡Think we will stop here? On the contrary!
Now, with a solid foundation, we will continue to develop new useful features for this tool.

Have ideas or suggestions? We would love to read them in the comments below



Security - something that is always relevant, everywhere, and in any circumstances.
This issue should always be approached with maximum responsibility, especially when it comes to data and confidentiality online.

This topic, like never before, is on the agenda. To bring complete clarity and reassure our users,
we have gathered all the essential information on how AdsPower protects you and your information.

Warning! After reading the article, you will trust AdsPower more than yourself!

Behind the scenes: how AdsPower ensures the security of your data



Repetition is the key to learning
Let's do the 24th repetition of the #FAQ section:

Question #70: How to best update kernel and UA versions in all profiles?
Answer: To update kernels and UAs in all profiles, select the desired profiles in the "Profiles" section, then click on the triple dots "•••" and choose "Edit UA/kernel". Set the necessary parameters and click "Ok", thus the versions will be updated.

Question #71: What tags are available for accounts and how to use them for sorting?
Answer: In addition to name, notes, and login status, we recommend using Tags. Tags not only allow you to add a text label, but also change the color, making profiles more prominent and convenient for visual search. One profile can have multiple tags.

Question #72: What happens to the cache after deleting a profile?
Answer: After deleting a profile, it moves to the trash and can be restored (available on the Pro plan). When deleting a profile, there is an option to select "Clear cache", which will delete the profile's cache. The cache associated with deleted profiles is automatically removed after being permanently deleted from the trash (cache cannot be restored).

Don't forget that profiles in the trash are stored for only 7 days!

Have a great day and productive work!


Attention - 404‼️

4 - month, 0 - problems, 4 - updates in sections. Let's go, we'll tell you about the updates for April


• SunBrowser core updated to Chrome 123
• Built-in voice recognition feature launched for Chrome 120 and above
• Updated User agent parameters for all operating systems

• Added new conditions and types of filtering in the Profiles section

Account settings
• Added the ability to track login status on other devices and end sessions if needed
• Ability to disable a mobile device to remove the link between mobile phones and specific accounts

Action logs
• Added the display of "Profile ID", allowing filtering and executing queries based on this parameter


ℹ️ Detailed information with a demonstration of updates is available here.