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AdsPower is 4 years!

To celebrate our birthday, we are launching an sale, as promised.
Just renew subscription with a good discount and get the chance to win prizes

- 10% off the 90-day subscription;
- 20% off the 180-day subscription;
- 40% off the 360-day subscription.

- Users who buy any subscription for 30 days or longer are eligible for the lucky draw ($9 or more should be paid, commission fees not included). 100% chance to win;
- A participant is eligible for a maximum of four lucky draw chances during the sale. All lucky draw chances will be cleared at 23:59:59, 31 March, 2023 (UTC+8);
- AdsPower reserves the right of final explanation.

- iPhone 14 Pro Max;
- PS5 and DualSense controller;
- $5 or $20 credits;
- $18 cash;
- Subscription renewal for 30 days;
- 500 RPA points;
- 30-day access to the IPFoxy proxy.

1 to March 31, 2023 (UTC+8)

The participant must be an AdsPower user

Good luck! Happy birthday, AdsPower!

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AdsPower v5.2.28: you asked it — we did it!

We are happy to share good news with you! In this update, we've added the functionality you've been asking for:

• profile name on the browser icon of Mac devices — ✅
now in the Dock on the open profile icon you can display the serial number, name, account ID or profile notes, you can configure the display of the necessary information in the global settings;

• displaying icons of OS profiles — ✅
now OS icons of profiles are displayed directly in the list of profiles;

• more Base plan options — ✅
we now offer 14 Base plan options, for example, 1000 profiles can be issued for only $139 per month;

• User Agent 109 — ✅
UA 109 is now available, and we've added a feature that allows you to update UA in profiles in bulk.

New payment methods - UPI (India) and PagSeguro (Brazil).
Block access to selected sites for team members.

Write what you think about this update

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Look what kind of cannon we have prepared

Meet a unique, unparalleled tool from AdsPower — Synchronizer

With this tool, you can synchronize activities in all open profiles: typing, installing extensions, farming accounts, collecting information, and much more. In short, any action performed in one browser window is immediately repeated in the other windows.
Just think how much more efficient you can be, not to mention you can save time!

Interested? You should be

▶️More details in the video:
Synchronizer | New AdsPower feature

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8 days left until the end of the promotion

In the meantime, AdsPower gave away $30,000 worth of subscriptions, iPhones, PS5s and other cool gifts!

Do you want a prize too? Then watch here

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Evening edition of the #FAQ section
Most popular questions lately:

#58 - What is the maximum number of windows available for the Synchronizer?
The maximum available number of windows for the Synchronizer is determined by your screen resolution, for example, if the screen resolution is 1920x1080, then the maximum number of windows is 9.

#59 - Where did the AdsReport tab to display Facebook Ads statistics go?
The tab has moved to the AdsPower Extensions section. You need to find the extension "FB Ads Report" and in the menu of interaction with this extension there will be a section "View data: Ads Report", you are here.

#60 - Can AdsPower be downloaded to your phone?
No, AdsPower cannot be downloaded on a phone or on a tablet, etc. The program is only available for PCs running Windows or macOS.


Catch the digest of updates for March:

• added support for hotkeys
• added functionality for managing windows
• added text management functionality

↕️Import and export:
• two columns have been added to the account import template: tab and platform
• text file (*.txt) added as a new format for bulk export

ℹ️Version information
Now information about the version of the patch, Sun and Flower of the browser kernel can be found in the local settings

Added version 111 User Agent

[Detailed update overview]

Don't forget to download the latest version of AdsPower from our website!

P.S. We know that you are looking forward to the release of Synchronizer for Mac devices.
Please be patient, we are doing our best to make it happen as soon as possible.



✅SunBrowser kernel has been updated to Chromium 111

This improved compatibility between the User Agent and the browser kernel.

Please note that Chromium(SunBrowser) 110 and later requires Windows 10 or later.



Mobile proxies: is it really a panacea for traffic arbitrage?

Why are mobile proxies so popular?
Is it true that they cannot be banned by Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms?
Do they really have a pool of tens of thousands of IP addresses? True ... the answer is in the article ;)

Briefly and intelligibly:

Are mobile proxies suitable for traffic arbitrage?



⭕️Hello! Today we have 21 issues of the #FAQ section:

#61 - Can I withdraw my referral funds directly to my AdsPower balance?

✏️Referral funds can be withdrawn both to your AdsPower balance and to a third-party wallet, such as PayPal, etc.

#62 - Can I switch from SunBrowser (Chrome) to FlowerBrowser (Mozila) and vice versa after a profile has been created?

✏️Unfortunately, this is not possible.

#63 - What is the Classic tariff, why is it available for me, but not for other users, what will happen if I change it?

✏️The Classic tariff is the old pricing of tariffs, now only two tariffs are available for new users - Base and Pro, they have their own advantages. Classic is available only to those users who have been registered for a long time and have not switched from the Classic tariff to others, if you switch from the Classic tariff to Base or Pro once, then it will be impossible to return to it.

✅ AdsPower in TelegramChat in Telegram Support

Write in the comments if you learned something new


Enjoying Sunday evening?

Now we will try to make it even more interesting! Get comfortable. Let us tell you about the updates made on the Synchronizer in April:

Now you can filter profiles by groups, this will greatly simplify their search
We added a column with two action options: "Show window" and "Set as main window"
The console can now be opened in a separate window
Custom hotkeys: you can now customize your own keyboard shortcuts

[detailed update overview]

Like it - put ❤️; have something to say - write in the comments

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Hello World!✋

AdsPower can now be called a multinational anti-detect browser!

And this is not only because it is the #1 choice in the world, but also because we have translated it into 12 of the most popular languages. This applies to both the official website and the application interface. Among others, now you can choose: Ukrainian, French, Turkish, Thai and Hindi to use our product with maximum comfort.

With gratitude for your support,
AdsPower team



Several major updates have been made to the Browser Fingerprint Overview and Synchronizer. Let's see what's new

✅Added "New Fingerprint" button.
You may notice this when creating or editing a profile. Using the button, you can create a new set of fingerprints that completely replaces the previous ones.

✅Added additional information to the fingerprint overview column.
When creating or editing a profile, more information about all browser fingerprints is now displayed.

✅Synchronization in pop-up windows.
Now you can synchronize mouse and keyboard actions in pop-up windows (see example).

For example:
• Sign in with Google, Apple ID and other platform accounts;
• Pop-up extensions.

What do you think of this update?



Hello, friends!

Stocked up on creams, hats and cold drinks?
After all, there are only 7 days left until the summer☀️ Exactly the same time is left before the start of the summer sale in AdsPower!

From June 1 to June 30, one of the biggest discounts of the year will be valid - up to 40% for all subscriptions!

But that is not all. During the sale period, simply by making purchases, you will receive bonus promotional energy points that can be exchanged for other gifts.

Find out more here.
Like if you're waiting!



Attention! Lots of facts!

In May, our technical department honed the quality of fingerprints to the highest standard.
If you don’t understand what we mean, then just know that AdsPower has become a more reliable shield for your accounts.

More specifically, here's what has changed

[Browser and fingerprints]

• Updated WebGL metadata library: added WebGL vendor for macOS
• Updated browser kernels Chrome 112, 111 and 108:
• Compatibility with Android and iOS User-Agent
• Improved logic of matching canvas fingerprints
• Fixed black screen problem when OS data is different
• Added autofill of login and password for subdomains.

[Hardware concurrency]

• Added new options "20" and "24".
• Improved browser launch due to compliance.


• Optimization of UI:
• added "back" button to return to the previous page
• keyboard shortcut "ESC" to close pop-up windows.
• Compatibility with the Luminati IP library; applicable to Luminati and Lumauto proxy types.
• Added payment methods: PicPay and AME.



Synchronizer updates are not long in coming!

This time we did the following:

Added support for multiple screens
If you use multiple monitors, you can now place Synchronizer windows on them.

Auto random number entry
We have developed a new "Random Number" feature that allows you to enter a random number in the text field of each window.

Delay clicking and typing
We have made synchronization much more realistic and similar to the actions of a real person by adding the “click delay” and “input delay” functions.

Friends, did you know that this and other updates were made according to your feedback and requests? Feel free to say what you miss! We will consider every request



Hello friends

We hope that your summer is going productively and informatively, just like our team's or even better

For example, our Growth Manager Maxim participated into an interview with the SafetyDetectives community, where he talked about digital fingerprints and how they affect online advertising.

Read this interview, and you'll definitely see that AdsPower is an indispensable tool for managing online advertising that not only solves advertisers' problems but also automates a significant part of their work!



Hi guys

The developers asked to share some news with you, or rather tell you about the updates for the of June. Well, let's see what's new:

⚡️Browser Fingerprints
• In this update, additional parameters for different OS versions have been added,
• Implemented Client Hints for identifying User-Agent strings in Chrome on some new OS versions
• Added a dropdown list of known WebGL providers for quick selection of the desired parameter,
• Several standard screen resolutions for Apple devices have also been added.

⚡️Cache Backup
Implemented cache data profile backup. The backups are stored only on your device, and only the last 5 local snapshots are stored.

⚡️Synchronizer: highlight the main window
Now, the main window in the synchronizer will be highlighted in blue to make it easy for you to recognize.

You can find more details about this update here. And of course, we are looking forward to your feedback in the comments!



Get Residential, Mobile and Shared Data Center Proxy at -50% off!

Our trusted proxy partner Oxylabs has launched a unique offer for AdsPower users. Right now you have the opportunity to purchase high-quality proxies at a huge discount.

Choose Residential Proxies from a pool of 100M+ IPs covering 195 countries. Get access to Mobile Proxy pool of 20M+ IPs from 140+ countries. Easily overcome geo-targeting blocks. Be sure you are using high quality proxies!

• Find out more about the offer ➡️ HERE ⬅️



Release of a new version of the browser has taken place!

AdsPower 5.7.4 includes improvements that will make your work more comfortable and efficient. See what's new:

✅IP Checking
We have added the ability to choose a database for geolocation of IP addresses to determine the IP address of the proxy. The choice is available between IP2Location and ip-api.

✅New Languages
We now support Italian and Indonesian languages.

✅Proxy Configuration
The maximum number of characters for the username and password has been increased to 200.

✅Profile Sorting
Sorting options for profiles have been added based on "Name" and "Import Time".

✅Authentication via Google Account
You can now link your Google account to AdsPower and log in through it.

✅Opening Profiles
If the country or region of a profile is different from where it was last opened, the profile will not open.

⬇️ Download the latest version of AdsPower to see these updates. Comment it and we will continue working on improving your favorite antidetect browser!