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Friends, we are looking for a support agent ‍

— work with e-mails and chat: quick response, customer consultation on technical issues
— optimization of the documentation and the FAQ section
— collecting feedback from users to improve the product

— more than a year of experience in the field of e-commerce or computer software, having traffic arbitrage, farming Facebook and other social networks accounts, or cryptocurrencies is welcome
— knowledge of how the SaaS model works
— customer focus
— the ability to communicate clearly and competently
— ability to work in a team and learn new things

Working conditions:
— completely remote work
— flexible schedule (at least 7 working hours from 15:00 Moscow time)
— salary based on the results of the interview
— achievement awards
— career

Send your resume or ask a clarifying question to support@adspower.net


☝️It is impossible to achieve great success in affiliate marketing without high-quality analytics of advertising campaigns.

You need to understand which advertising approaches work and which don't. By concentrating your efforts on the working option, you can earn the most while spending the least.

Of course, the tracker will help you conduct complex analytics. Where to find it and how to choose it was described in the article — as well as exclusive promo codes

Selection of the best trackers for affiliate marketing

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Conversion Club
nominated AdsPower as the best antidetect!
This is a very honorable achievement that we would not have achieved without you!

Dear friends, please support AdsPower with your vote on this page so that we continue to be inspired and motivated to become better!

We sincerely thank each of you❤️




Everyone loves discounts and bonuses, but no one likes to wait.
AdsPower, as always, is on the same wavelength with its users, so it announces discounts right now!

⚡️The promotion is valid for both old and new users:
• when you sign up for your first three months with AdsPower you will get a 10% discount
• when subscribing for six months you will receive a 20% discount
• and if you subscribe for a year - a 34% discount!

Moreover, we now offer the biggest discounts on RPA orders of all time:
• up to 40% discount on points package
• up to 80% discount on the duration package!

Other discounts from our partners

The promotion period is from 11/01/2022 to 11/30/2022.

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Hello friends!

We have released a big update for our RPA.
Let's see what's new:

✅Improved payment algorithm
Now, if the target action has not been completed, points will not be deducted.

✅Added debug function
It is convenient to check with it whether the whole algorithm is running and working, whether there are any errors in the process.

✅We made it possible to share automation templates
Now you can create your own personal code and use it to share automation templates with other users.

Template code for likes, comments and postson Facebook: F0xxI7Xm

✅Launched a marketplace of RPA templates
We have created an official AdsPower store with RPA templates, where even more free automation templates are available.

Don't forget that as part of the big Black Friday discounts, you can get up to 80% off the points package and up to 60% off the duration package



Have you managed to take advantage of BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNTS? ;)

Almost half of the time has passed...
Get discounts up to - 34% on tariffs, and up to - 80% on RPA points!✅

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⚽️November 20, 2022, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar.

You may wonder, what is the connection between such an event that attracts football fans from all over the world and the antidetect browser used by masters from various online activities?

Big events are always in great demand 'cuz a lot of traffic comes in with people's great passion in making money. Today we will talk about what you can do at this time, how AdsPower can be useful in this regard, and what does crypto platforms have to do with it

Catch the wave and make money!

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AWA 2022 ended in Bangkok

As you already know, we managed to visit there and meet with our users and partners.
The AdsPower team got a lot of insights from the world of digital marketing from the best speakers, which we will definitely tell you about later

In the meantime, we share a couple of cool photos. Thanks to everyone who came to support us, you are great!

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Now we will tell you what our developers were working on in November‍

‒ a bug that prevented you from disabling the loading of SVG images

‒ updated list of fonts to improve prints
‒ customized custom profile icon FlowerBrowser
‒ you can now disable photo and video uploads in FlowerBrowser
‒ in the "Proxy" section, you can now filter proxies by notes
‒ added synchronization of Maskfog.IP proxy information
‒ up to 100 extensions can now be downloaded in the Extensions section
‒ opened the ability to use the "Extensions" section on the free plan
‒ profile notes and tags can be edited in RPA

‒ added macOS version of FlowerBrowser
‒ "Outgoing IP" column added to "Proxy" menu
‒ added to the extensions menu: Facebook Pixel Helper and Tag Assistant Legacy
‒ added RPA operations: "For data cycle", "Random receipt", "Request to listen", "Import text", etc.
‒ new payment methods: bank transfer in India, Touch'n Go, GrabPay and Boost



Hello friends!

We hope you are having a good time this weekend. And so that they will also be useful, we have prepared for you an interesting reading from the reports from the speakers at the AWA 2022 conference. We advise everyone to read this.

Briefly and to the point:


IMAGE 2022-12-18 22:17:02.jpg


Hello again!

Nowadays, anti-detect browser must provide secure multi-accounting. But that's not all, a real antidetect should be able to do much more!

We continued our research and realized that many solutions on the market do not deserve the attention they are given.

Now you will find out again why AdsPower is the reliable antidetect you should choose


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Hello, dear friends and partners!

Today is the last day of 2022, which turned out to be very challenging for all of us.
Despite all the difficulties, this year we managed to complete mountains of important tasks and conquer new heights

Let's review them
AdsPower achievements and summing up 2022

Thanks to you all, we can always have an incentive to develop and improve the quality of the services provided!

So, please accept our congratulations and best wishes.

Happy New Year!



It's time to talk about recent product updates

In December, AdsPower rolled out several updates and improvements, including the long-awaited Chrome 108 kernel. Let's go through them now:

✅Chrome 108 kernel
We have updated the SunBrowser core to version 108 to keep up with the latest official Chrome changes. Learn more about the importance of timely updates.
+ added a new User Agent 108 version of the Chrome kernel.

✅New fingerprint
Both SunBrowser and FlowerBrowser now have a new browser fingerprint called "Hardware Acceleration". It is important to note that the use of different equipment can change the “look” of your fingerprint.

✅Manual column setting
With this new feature, you can customize the display of columns in the profile list menu, as well as pin or unpin the display of the profile discovery column.

✅New RPA Templates
You can now find new RPA templates in the Marketplace:
• automatic login to MetaMask,
• Cookie Robot (cookie farming),
• obtaining an AccessToken for permission to advertise on FB,
• getting all advertising accounts on Facebook, etc.

To use the full functionality, do not forget to update the AdsPower program client!


We present you the first updates of AdsPower this year. Unboxing cheeek!

Improved automatic fingerprint matching
Rolled out a new feature - Auto-match. This will help you to automatically select the most suitable version of the browser core based on the generated fingerprint. In short, browser fingerprints have become more secure.

Firefox 107 core
Yes, that's right - we updated the FlowerBrowser core to version 107, making the browser more secure.

Improved profile search
Now, when searching for profiles, you can set different criteria and select hints. The search history will be saved.

Extended profile opening limits
As an additional bonus, in honor of the start of the new year, we have increased the limits of opening profiles for users of the Base and Pro plans. We hope this year will be productive for all of you!

Write in the comments what you think about this update

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Dear friends, partners and guests☺️

Today, January 22, the New Lunar Year has come!

For us, this is an important national holiday, which we all love very much. Share this joy with us and accept congratulations.

May this date enter your home with joyful news, happy events, be remembered for vivid emotions and bring love, kindness and good luck. Let your business grow and prosper, and your wallet will always be full!

Thank you for being with us!

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Gentlemen, affiliates, catch a cool fit!

Together with Scenum, we have developed and prepared 2 ways for you to bulk upload Facebook accounts to AdsPower.
No dancing with a tambourine, just follow the instructions and save a lot of time!

Well, where without promos in honor of this case:
code SCENUM will give you a discount of up to 35% on a subscription to the best AdsPower anti-detect browser;
code ADSPOWER will give you a 30% discount on the first payment of any tariff in the Scenum account autofarming service

We wish you a big profit and the mercy of Zuckerberg!
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Hello friends!

The world of digital technology is booming and every day amazes us with a variety of useful tools.
One of these tools is artificial intelligence, which can do unimaginable things and even help you earn good money!

Especially for you, we have collected the most useful information about one sensational artificial intelligence that will help you earn money if you use it correctly

5 Simple and Relevant Ways to Make Money with ChatGPT

IMAGE 2023-02-12 21:53:11.jpg


Surely you have heard about Cloaking more than once,
and about the fact that with its help in traffic arbitrage and affiliate marketing you can earn much more

So, if you still don’t know what it is or how to use it, then here’s some good info for you:
Cloaking: what it is, how it works and a list of the best tools

For AdsPower users, there are exclusive offers and discounts on many Cloaking services, more details in the article

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AdsPower is getting ready to celebrate its fourth birthday

Oh, no, we do not ask to give us gifts, quite the contrary
We are announcing the start of big discounts and valuable prizes!

3 days left before the promotion starts:
• Discounts on rates up to 40%, iPhone, PS5, gamepad and other guaranteed prizes!

⚡️Don't miss it! Details very soon...

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