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We are pleased to inform you that, due to numerous requests,
we have also updated the MetaMask extension in the AdsPower application.

How much are we going to give our developers for their efficiency?



While you are waiting for Synchronizer updates, let us remind you about another unique tool, AdsPower - RPA!

This tool is a powerful machine for automating various work processes.

⬇️By the way, let's find out what's new in RPA in the latest update:

• Export of work processes
We have added the ability to export work processes in the RPA menu.

• Getting clipboard contents
A new operation "Get clipboard contents" has been added to the "Get data" menu.

• Random number input
Now random number input is available.

• Naming screenshots using variables
Now you can name screenshots using variables.

✅Additionally, the update includes:

• Firefox 114 for macOS
• Bulk operations with tags
• Checking IP information when adding a proxy.

You know what to do✍️



Today is already August, which means it's time to share the updates of your favorite anti-detect browser for the past month!

So, in July AdsPower received the following updates..

Browser fingerprints
• FlowerBrowser: added Firefox 114 core for macOS version
• User-Agent: added Firefox 114

Profile management
• Bulk tag management: adding, replacing, and deleting
• Import, export, and update: added "State/Province" and "City" fields for dynamic proxies

Proxy section
• Added IP checker for checking IP geolocations

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
• Operations:
· Added "Copy from clipboard" action
· Added "Random number" option for "Input"
· Allowed naming a screenshot using a variable for "Screenshot"
• Process management: Export of RPA processes allowed

• Optimized "Text input" logic to solve the issue of slow typing speed.

The next updates are coming soon, stay tuned for more news!

Best regards, AdsPower team



Today we are going to talk about browser fingerprint updates

‍Our developers are working tirelessly and keeping their eyes glued to the monitor to ensure that AdsPower remains a leader in the multi-accounting industry. After all, it's thanks to high-quality fingerprint masking that you can manage your accounts while minimizing the risk of bans!

Now, to be more specific:

1️⃣Added more OS versions:
• Windows 11
• macOS 12-13
• Android 13
• iOS 14-15

2️⃣Introduced Client Hints for identifying User-Agents for Chrome:
• On Windows 11, the PlatformVersion value indicates the OS version
• On macOS, the Architecture value indicates the chip version

3️⃣WebGL metadata: added Apple chip vendors

4️⃣Added several standard Apple device resolutions: 1024x640, 1280x800, 1440x900 etc

5️⃣Hardware concurrency: added two options 20-24 and supported random filling for bulk import

6️⃣Optimized Canvas fingerprint and passed BrowserScan and Pixelscan tests.

In short, improved fingerprint masking.
We deserve your❤️?



⚡️The main goal of AdsPower is to securely protect your accounts from blocking. But if you want to truly experience the full power of this tool, you need to master its entire functionality.

In addition to a wide range of basic management functions, AdsPower has several powerful tools that are available to all users.

Today, we will talk about RPA — a tool for automating repetitive actions. You have probably heard about it many times, but considering RPA to be something complex, you might have hesitated to start using it.

Well, we have good news for you!

Especially for those who want to master RPA, we have created a user guide. In it, we have already provided detailed information about various operations, initial learning steps, and also provided examples of usage scenarios.

Be sure to bookmark the guide's address
rpa-doc-ru.adspower.com and start learning right now!

style 2 (2).png


Have you ever encountered such a situation: you suddenly need more profiles for testing or other purposes but do not intend to upgrade the plan as you are not sure if you will still need so many profiles next month?

We fully understand that, so we introduced the profile add-on!

What is a profile add-on?
Similar to a data add-on, a profile add-on lets you add extra profiles to your plan. We provide 5 profile add-ons to choose from: 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 profiles. All profile add-ons last for 30 days, and you can stack up to 5 add-ons at the same time.

How to buy an add-on?
Go to the Billing section, then click on “Buy extra profiles”. Now you can choose the profile add-on that fits your needs and press the “Pay now” button to complete the purchase.

Our profile add-ons offer you greater value, allowing you to use AdsPower however you want. Now you can buy any profile add-on at a 40% discount.

Better act quickly if that’s something you’re looking for, cuz the discount will end on Aug 31!



Here it is, September 1st has arrived, but don't rush to get your school bags , it's better to get your wallets out instead

Because for us, the beginning of autumn means the start of generous sales and big discounts – up to 40% off on AdsPower subscriptions!

Learn more about the sale

But that's not all! By making purchases during the sale period, you will accumulate energy points that you can exchange for discounts and other pleasant gifts. This is a great opportunity to double your benefits and get even more out of your investments.

Learn more about energy points

Don't miss this chance to take advantage of generous discounts and start the semester with unprecedented efficiency! We are confident that AdsPower will become your reliable partner in reaching new heights in your business

Stop hesitating, join us right now!



August has already passed, which means it's time to sum up the updates for this month.

Browser fingerprints
1. SunBrowser: Added Chrome 115 and Chrome 116 kernels for higher compatity between the UA and the kernel
2. User-Agent: Added the 116 version
3. Media device: The numbers of microphone, speaker and camera can be customized

Profile management
1. Edit bookmarks: Bulk appending, replacing, and clearing bookemarks is supported (Path: More - Edit bookmarks)

1. Settings: The theme of the main window can be customized
2. Tab management is available

1. Account security: Added "Failed login attempt alert" (Path: Global settings - Account security)
2. Extensions: Available for all users
3. Energy points can be redeemed for discounts on orders and RPA packages
4. Profile add-ons

So, which update did you like the most?
Write in the comments



☝️Today we will once again touch upon a very important and always relevant topic - security.

At AdsPower, we place special emphasis on protecting your data and strive to ensure that they always remain completely secure.

However, it is important to remember that the level of security also depends on you, the users.

❗️The purpose of this post is to remind you that every user should be interested in the security of their own data. Therefore, we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the basic steps to ensure the security of your accounts.

Secure your business with AdsPower ✅



Hi friends!

It's been a while since we had a Frequently Asked Questions segment.
So, without further ado, here's Issue 22 of #FAQ:

#64 - I want to remove bookmarks from my profile, is that possible?
Yes, it's quite simple. Just check the box next to the profile you want to remove bookmarks from, click on the three-dot icon(...) on the top panel of the profile menu, and select "Edit Bookmark". Then, choose the last option called "Transparent" and click "OK". These actions will remove the bookmarks from your profiles.

#65 - I need to block access for profiles to specific website domains, how can I do that?
You need to go to "Settings" - "Global Settings" - "Website Management" and check the box for the "Block Access" feature. After that, you will be able to enter the necessary domains to block.

#66 - Sometimes the language or time zone in the profile doesn't match the proxy country, how can I fix this?
Usually, this happens because the proxy provider hasn't updated the proxy data in their database. You can fix this by switching the IP checker, which can be done while creating/editing a profile in the proxy menu, under the "IP Checker" option. Alternatively, you can change it through "Global Settings", also under the "IP Checker" section.

Thank you for using AdsPower! We wish you pleasant work.


Let's sum up the improvements of AdsPower for the month of September

⚡Browser Fingerprint
1. SunBrowser: added Chrome 117 kernel to improve compatibility between browsers
2. User-Agent: updated to version 117
3. SunBrowser: fixed CVE-2023-4863 vulnerability in Chrome (available for versions 116/115).

⚡Profile Management
1. Cache Clearing: ability to clear local and cloud cache
2. Account Platform: added support for Instagram
3. Trash: added "Delete" function to empty the trash.

1. New Operations: "Get Page Cookies" and "Clear Page Cookies"
2. Updated: value of "Loop for Number of Times" variable and "Profile Tag Update"
3. Fixed: issues with "Convert to JSON"
4. Task Log: ability to delete task logs
5. Process Sharing: ability to share processes
6. Task Execution: added "delay" execution.

1. Bookmarks: new function "Apply commands to all profiles" (Global settings - Bookmarks).

Best regards, AdsPower Team!




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IMAGE 2023-10-08 22:14:43.jpg


Hooray! Another good news: AdsPower is now available on Linux!

We understand that many of you have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and it has finally arrived.

Thanks to our team of developers who have adapted AdsPower for Linux,
you can now enjoy all the features of our magical tool on any operating system!

P.S. This version is still in Beta testing. Please send your ideas and feedback on its usage through this form.


#Linux #news



Last week we improved the functionality of two management tools: extensions and synchronizer.

1. Extension Categories
To enhance control, we added the ability to create extension categories. This will greatly facilitate and optimize extension management when working in a team. Additionally, we also included a new parameter in the profile settings to make it easier to apply different extensions to each profile. guide

2. Synchronizer
Now you can choose between two window display options: grid or overlapped. Additionally, text input has been improved, resulting in three input options: Enter in order, Enter randomly, and Designated.

We hope you enjoy these updates. We wish you pleasant work!



Hi friends!

Meet the new feature — AdsPower Authenticator

This special extension from AdsPower allows you to store passwords and 2FA keys for your accounts and manage them in one place.

The Authenticator is capable of automatically filling in login details using the Paste as Human feature to make the account authentication process as realistic as possible.

Rest assured that your passwords are encrypted and stored in a secure location.

Check out the instructions on how to use the Authenticator here.

Did you like the update? Then please share your reactions with us!

#authenticator #new_functionality



Hello friends!

It's time to summarize the updates that were made in October.

This month, we made a lot of changes, so here we will just briefly list them.
More detailed information on each item can be found in the ➡️ article.

So, in October AdsPower received the following updates:

• Version of the application for Linux;

• SunBrowser kernel version 118;

• Ability to create extension categories;

• New window layout and text input in the Synchronizer;

• Added a password manager - AdsPower Authenticator;

• Activated the ability to spend energy points;

• Ability to customize profile fingerprint preferences;

• New payment methods.

✅ Which update turned out to be the most useful and interesting for you? Write in the comments



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To all, who have been eagerly awaiting a unique offer from AdsPower!

The day has come!

We are announcing the start of the End-Of-Year Sale!
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