social rabbit

  1. G

    Any chance of getting ban our social accounts ?

    Any chance of getting ban our social accounts while running social rabbit ?
  2. S

    Need domain reset

    Hi all, I need a staff member to reset my domain for my social rabbit licence, as I'm using it on a new domain. They did the alidropship plugin, and it's fine. I contacted support via the website a few days back, but no response regarding the social rabbit plugin reset. Please assist. Thank you.
  3. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    The begining

    I am a total beginner, I just bought a complete ready to use website from Alidropship 1. How do I know if e Payments connect to my Domain and I will get payment in the future? 2. Where can I change the price formula if I want to change it? 3. what is the steps I should do if someone place an...
  4. M

    Social Rabbit - Twitter Stop Posting

    Hi, Have been using Social Rabbit plugin for posting to 4 social accounts. Suddenly, found that Social Rabbit plugin only stop posting to twitter account. Anyone face with this issue? Please help.
  5. W

    Single quote escaping issues in AliDropShip & SocialRabbit

    Hi there, there is a serious issue with the way AliDropShip and SocialRabbit handle single quotes in any of the text fields, see screenshots: The site is hosted on AliDropShip servers. The slashes before the single quotes (') are not...
  6. Randy Salars

    License key problem

    I'm trying to set up a 2nd site for my Social Rabbit plugin, and after entering my license key it says it is valid and to go to the dashboard, but when I click on the dashboard link it just takes me right back to the enter license key and I can't enter the dashboard Ideas? / help? Thanks!
  7. waterlion

    Social Rabbit Image Gallery Bug

    I have over 800 images that I'm trying to import into social rabbit. After importing 42 images into social rabbit, the captions/descriptions are not imported. Also, it would be nice if the images were shown larger in the preview.