social rabbit

  1. C

    Gallery Poster - Images Segmented by Social Network

    Hello Social Rabbit Devs: I've bought the plugin some months ago but I'm facing an issue with "Gallery Poster". I designed my photos with 940x788 resolution, when I post to Facebook it works great, but on Instagram it shows cropped. In the other hand with square images, the problem is inverse...
  2. Shahin09

    Social Rabbit $19 a month or $69 one time? Difference

    Hello, I've recently started drop shipping with AliDropShip, bare with me... I'm looking to add the Social Rabbit plugin, but what is the difference between the one time $69 on vs. the $19 a month at Thank you in advance for your replies, Shahin
  3. S

    Cannot Activate Social Rabbit

    Hi guys, So I have been trying to install Social Rabbit on an AliDropship Plugin site on which I used the PHP 7.1 ionCubeEncoder and I get a Fatal Error. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so how do you solve it please? Cheers
  4. zahir

    Social rabbit plugin Did you ever make a mistake? Ajax/Settings

    set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons, called in /Ajax/Settings.php on line 0
  5. A

    Today update social-rabbit

    Hi can tell me what was update Today.?
  6. A

    This function is for?

    I can anyone tell what this for:
  7. S

    Social Rabbit Shoutout

    I noticed the new social rabbit has a shoutout section, what does that do? Also, i notice it doesn't comment on or like people's photos on instagram anymore, has that been removed?
  8. andremktrj

    Posting Poster Images Social Rabbit

    Social Rabbit does not pull the link image posted on Facebook because?
  9. P

    Social Rabbit wont let me in after providing licence key

    Hi there After uploading the plugin and pasting the licence, it stucks and wont let me into the dashboard. There i stuck: This is consoles output:
  10. S

    Social Rabbit Licence

    Hi, my social rabbit is asking me for my licence which i wasn't given because it was installed by you guys when you built my website from the premium package. Can you help please? Also, if i delete the old social rabbit and install the new one that supports php7, will i still have all my...
  11. AryanShirani

    Having Complains on Facebook

    Hi, lately i have people contacting my page because mi social rabbit plugin is spamming on same post many times, after the update i tought will be fixed, but they contacted me again for the same issues. Here the screen they sent me. So now how do we fix this problem ?
  12. Reda Saiko

    Social Rabbit BIG issue

    Hello here, I have a big problem with Social Rabbit and Facebook : Post Grabber and Gallery Poster doesn't show any image for me, I have just a blue space instead (attachement). Poster is working without any issue, grabber and gallery also are working fine on other social networks, but not on...
  13. mushrukh

    Social Rabbit auto renew?

    Hi does social rabbit renew it automatically and deduct the amount?? I didn't want to renew it and the amount is deducted.. any help? @Victoria Kudryashova
  14. J

    URL shortener

    SocialRabbit does not shorten the URL for the posts. How can I resolve this? I have checked in the setting but can seem to find anything that relates to shortening the url. Please help. ASAP.
  15. J

    Social Rabbit for Life Time License

    Hello, I plan to buy dropship plugin again for my second store. Last time i didn't buy social rabbit.. but today when i plan to purchase it with dropship plugin, i can't find an option to buy it. I found social rabbit link from Alidropship blog and got weird option prices.. $ 19 / month $ 189...
  16. G

    Any chance of getting ban our social accounts ?

    Any chance of getting ban our social accounts while running social rabbit ?
  17. S

    Need domain reset

    Hi all, I need a staff member to reset my domain for my social rabbit licence, as I'm using it on a new domain. They did the alidropship plugin, and it's fine. I contacted support via the website a few days back, but no response regarding the social rabbit plugin reset. Please assist. Thank you.
  18. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    The begining

    I am a total beginner, I just bought a complete ready to use website from Alidropship 1. How do I know if e Payments connect to my Domain and I will get payment in the future? 2. Where can I change the price formula if I want to change it? 3. what is the steps I should do if someone place an...
  19. M

    Social Rabbit - Twitter Stop Posting

    Hi, Have been using Social Rabbit plugin for posting to 4 social accounts. Suddenly, found that Social Rabbit plugin only stop posting to twitter account. Anyone face with this issue? Please help.
  20. W

    Single quote escaping issues in AliDropShip & SocialRabbit

    Hi there, there is a serious issue with the way AliDropShip and SocialRabbit handle single quotes in any of the text fields, see screenshots: The site is hosted on AliDropShip servers. The slashes before the single quotes (') are not...