social rabbit error

  1. smarf23


    Hello! Please advised why I cannot authorized my pinterest account? Please see attached file. Help please @Dimitriy Strekalov
  2. Deztron Indonesia

    Problem on Instagram Authorization

    Social Rabbit Plugin on my website can't allow logging into my Instagram account, as in this screenshot
  3. J

    Issue with Instagram via social Rabbit

    Hi All. All my social media post are working fine apart from Instagram poster even Instagram gallery does have a problem. So actually problem is when a post is pushed to Instagram there is noting other than picture, no caption, no link no URL or any tag. when i go to setup page its correct. see...
  4. Deztron Indonesia

    Problem on Instagram Authorization

    Social Rabbit Plugin on my website can't allow logging into my Instagram account, as in this screenshot
  5. B

    Social Rabbit + Instagram (Pantalla Blanca)

    Tengo un problema con Instagram y otros compañeros que han adquirido Social Rabbit, también sufren este problema. Cuando Social Rabbit sube un Post a Instagram con el autopublicador, ejecuta la acción. Instagram me envía una notificación de publicación subida pero se queda la pantalla en blanco...
  6. JackBusiness90

    [Social Rabbit Plugin] Problem on Instagram Authorization

    Hi, Is there anyone facing this issue when authorizing your account for Instagram? I have a business Instagram account created few days ago, when I authorize using the username and password, it manage to detect the login activity, but keep showing "Please, login in to Instagram app and accept...
  7. khurram017

    Instagram Problems for Social Rabbit Plugin

    I am facing continiously following issues while using Social Rabbit Plugin... - I have to daily re-authorize my Instagram Account because everyday it disconnects. -Since last few days, plugin is no picking "CAPTION" for autoposted products. -I am having 500+ products and interval of autoposting...
  8. M

    Social Rabbit Error Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=19479...

    Hello, Installed Social Rabbit yesterday, setting it up and testing it, i get a error in instagram Poster Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=19479, called in /home/admin/web/ on line 1924 This shows under the post it is going to post, any idea...
  9. R

    Social Rabbit insert wrong price on posts

    Hello, I have a problem. Social Rabbit inserts a wrong price from my products. How can I correct this? I'm just starting the trial. Thank you
  10. S

    Social Rabbit 2.1.7 Update Issue

    Hi, Everytime on 2 separate sites I update Social Rabbit to the latest version the site goes down with an Error500. Why is this please? @Yaros @Elena Kind regards
  11. A

    Social Rabbit Issue with no response

    My Skype Id is ZamriverWeb, I´ve been writing for a few days now with no response since last week, I need your support and updates about my issue solved. Thanks
  12. joshua gier

    Add more entertaining content in the Gallery

    Hi in Instagram for Gallery instead of posting the images and text i get: Add more entertaining content in the Gallery What d oes that mean?
  13. H

    Social Rabbit Facebook poster does not show product pictures in the post, please help:)

    Hello, Just bought Social Rabbit ad-on and trying to set up Facebook poster but my product pictures are not showing in the posts. Can anyone help me, the settings and the posts look like this:
  14. Pablo

    After last update cannot authorize accounts and some other misconfigurations

    Hello, after last update of social rabbit to ver 2.1.5 everything seems to misconfigured. First of all I cannot authorize FB, Twitter accounts. I gives some different errors. Anyone with the same problem? Thanks, any help appreciated
  15. Borisros

    Social Rabbit New Update

    I have a problem setting up Social Rabbit with the new update. In Facebook setings, I get this log: (#200) Permissions error, Unsupported get request. Object with ID '126298341392052' does not exist, cannot be loaded due to missing permissions, or does not support this operation. Please read...
  16. S

    Cannot Activate Social Rabbit

    Hi guys, So I have been trying to install Social Rabbit on an AliDropship Plugin site on which I used the PHP 7.1 ionCubeEncoder and I get a Fatal Error. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so how do you solve it please? Cheers
  17. zahir

    Social rabbit plugin Did you ever make a mistake? Ajax/Settings

    set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons, called in /Ajax/Settings.php on line 0
  18. Borisros

    Lifetime License Social Rabbit transfer on new Website

    Hi, I have changed my domain and transferred Wordpress site to new hosting, and I have a problem activating Social Rabbit license after I delete Social rabbit plugin on first domain. And one more thing I've tried to update the plugin with my license, and it says that there is no such license...
  19. A

    This function is for?

    I can anyone tell what this for:
  20. P

    Social Rabbit wont let me in after providing licence key

    Hi there After uploading the plugin and pasting the licence, it stucks and wont let me into the dashboard. There i stuck: This is consoles output: