Instagram Problems for Social Rabbit Plugin

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I am facing continiously following issues while using Social Rabbit Plugin...
- I have to daily re-authorize my Instagram Account because everyday it disconnects.
-Since last few days, plugin is no picking "CAPTION" for autoposted products.
-I am having 500+ products and interval of autoposting is about 4 hours, but after finishing all products, plugin is not restarting posting products from start.

Can you resolve my issues or advice anything to resolve




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Hmm yes, I have had exactly the same problem. I think it has been solved now with the latest update.


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1. This issue is solved, please update the plugin
2. Try to log out from your Instagram account ( via Social Rabbit), log in again and try to make a test post. It should work
3. Check the advice how to solve it here
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Thanks. I had the same problem and I followed your advice and now it's all right. I use this plugin for a couple of months, but I think it works pretty good and I save money on the entire SMM department. However, besides the plugin, I use other automatic likes service, which helps me with the promotion of the business specifically on Instagram. Due to these two services, sales and profit are increasing every month and my business is going very well. Moreover, the results of the investments made are visible in a very short time.
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