1. S

    Social Rabbit

    Does anyone have the social rabbit 7.4 to download from here please?
  2. khurram017

    Pinterest Authorize Problem

    Hello! I'm using the social rabbit plugin for my website I have upgraded my website and when I try to authorize my Pinterest account on Social Rabbit Plugin, it doesn't authorize and gives the following error. The same credentials of Pinterest are running well on the computer...
  3. khurram017

    Instagram Problems for Social Rabbit Plugin

    I am facing continiously following issues while using Social Rabbit Plugin... - I have to daily re-authorize my Instagram Account because everyday it disconnects. -Since last few days, plugin is no picking "CAPTION" for autoposted products. -I am having 500+ products and interval of autoposting...
  4. Johnny Hook

    My Pinterest account was removed because of Social Rabit

    Hello. Be aware of socialrabbit plugin. Im very upset and disappointed because of this plugin. My pinterest account was disabled and there is no way to recover it, look for evidence - Here is all of my Pinterest settings:
  5. Dylan-

    About the Social Rabbit Overview

    Dear social rabbit support team, I have got some questions regarding Social Rabbit: 1. The overview section shows growth in my account. 2. The posts overview seems to be working. 3. Impressions - "0" - How is this possible? (what can I do about this?) (For the indicators of reach &...
  6. Johnny Hook

    Developers of twitter doesent want to approve my app created exactly following social rabbit tutorial

    Hello. I created a twitter app exactly (first 4 steps) as tutorial from - And I received back the next message from Thanks for applying for access! It looks like your proposed use case...
  7. R

    Is it still worth to buy social rabbit plugin? Any error on this plugin?

    Hi, i want to buy this, but i need some review. Is it still worth to buy social rabbit plugin? Anyone used social rabbit plugin, pls give me review please?
  8. webeye


    For sale: Alidropship and SocialRabbit(lifetime) license in one buy. 90 Euro.
  9. A

    Instagram Grabber?!?

    Hi, Instagram Grabber can get videos? I try to get from user but show this error: Not found popular posts And this account have popular videos @Yaros @Elena @Victoria Kudryashova
  10. S

    Social rabbit integration

    I saw social rabbit plugin comes with single Payment plis life time ownership in alidropship. But in social rabbit site they are charging on monthly basis. I'm confused whether both are same or different. Why should i pay them monthly if i have life time ownership on it from alidropship.
  11. himansh

    Social rabbit plugin doubt about plugin price.

    Hi, i sent my doubt to contact team multiple time, but don't know why they are not replying to this. I wanna know that if i purchase the social-rabbit plugin from alidropship website ($69), then do i still have to pay (monthly/yearly subscription charges) to social-rabbit plugin team ? Please...
  12. AryanShirani

    SocialRabbit Not Working

    So i want to start saying that i am really disappointed with this plugin, is full of bugs, actually is 2 weeks that is not working anymore even if a contacted support several times, and now even if my facebook post setting is disabled, is still posting random images on my facebook page... anyway...
  13. Jasin555

    How POST GRABBER in Social Rabbit works??

    Hello lovely people:), I need some suggestions. I want to ask you how this module "POST GRABBER" works! I tried it on facebook for a while and choose some pages based on my niche, as instructed in the help guide. But what it posts on my page was the PICTURE with caption only, but it was the...
  14. Reda Saiko

    Social Rabbit BIG issue

    Hello here, I have a big problem with Social Rabbit and Facebook : Post Grabber and Gallery Poster doesn't show any image for me, I have just a blue space instead (attachement). Poster is working without any issue, grabber and gallery also are working fine on other social networks, but not on...
  15. J

    URL shortener

    SocialRabbit does not shorten the URL for the posts. How can I resolve this? I have checked in the setting but can seem to find anything that relates to shortening the url. Please help. ASAP.