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Dear social rabbit support team,

I have got some questions regarding Social Rabbit:

1. The overview section shows growth in my account.


2. The posts overview seems to be working.


3. Impressions - "0" - How is this possible? (what can I do about this?)


(For the indicators of reach & views this also shows "0") - Although, there must be reach and views.)


Also, timing is a crucial part of social media posting, as described in the section "marketing tips" on the social rabbit website.
However, - It is not possible to schedule post using the autoposter on very specific times. I really don't get it why this funtion is not added for the autoposter.
I would really appreciate it if this could be added.

Also, is there going to be any updates for the Facebook platform like a Grabber?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Dylan. Thank you for your attention to our product!

1. We are currently fixing the statistics and we are going to update the plugin on Monday with this feature corrected.

2. Yes, the definite time can not be set on autoposter at the moment.
But you can set it manually via Planner or the Product Page:

3. Facebook has tightened the requirements at all, so it's better not to break their rules in order to avoid blockage.


Did this answer in that thread resolved the issue? Is this topic not about Social Rabbit? I will repeat, are you happy knowing that a user bought Social Rabbit but cannot use it anymore after you tried to resolve one issue?


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Hello, I was expecting the update for Social Rabbit, however, it is still not there.