The big Social Rabbit questions thread


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Hello, I made this thread because I have some suggestions and problems with this plugin.

1) The grabber function

I really like the idea behind the grabber but why does the grabber not have these features?

  1. Select posts which need to be grabbed from Instagram instead of auto select.
  2. Posting times - There should be a function in the planner section which allows us to post on a specific time.


2) The product poster

I love the poster, however, I would like to see a feature in which the featured image could be changed.
Because the poster will automatically pick the featured image, this, in turn, gives us less freedom to select a good quality image.
The media poster can't be used for this purpose as it does not change the URL in the bio.

Also, something annoying is that when you plan a post in the planner section and you add the following text "Link in BIO" it does only apply for Instagram.
But when I deselect all the other channels and make new individual posts for the Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter the original post is removed. Because I think only one post of the same product can be in the planner. Besides that, it doesn't make sense to post the same format of text to all the channels as they all need different formats.

3) Posting Time

Even though, posting time is set correctly in the WordPress settings - Social Rabbit posts my posting in my local time...
Why is this happening?


4) Hashtag Research (#)

We can all read in the blog posts how important it is to have good quality hashtags, why isn't there something like a hashtag research tool in the social rabbit tools sections which allows finding quality hashtags which don't have a extreme high following but somewhere in between and which can accordingly be added to our posts.

5) Regarding my last thread - (Social Rabbit Overview)

This feature should be fixed, unfortunately, it is still not working.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi, Dylan

1. We'll think over your offers, thanks!

2. The Featured Image should be of high quality by default. Anyway, you can use the featured image, if you edit the product.
Media Poster doesn't use any link, it posts just niche related images, that's why it doesn't include the link.

If you schedule your post via Planner by default ( you can choose one social network by the way), if the function "Edit link in BIO" is turned on in Poster, the link in BIO should be posted

3. It works well on our websites. We can check it on yours.

4. We thought of it. You can use free services like his one

5. We will check it in your wp.