1. W

    IG shoutout strategy

    Hi there, I've just gone through the Instagram Shoutout articles on the site and I have a few questions: 1) How often should you buy shoutouts? 2) Should you buy shoutouts from many influencers at the same time? 3) How does the bio link thing work?
  2. Shays

    Socialrabbit - instagram / proxy

    Did anyone try posting on Instagram on different accounts from the same server? That is why we have the proxy settings to input, but the support told me it's fine to use the same server for multiple accounts ^_^ Which doesn't seem right to me... You can easily get banned if caught How do you...
  3. Julius Suralta

    MichaelAngelo Theme - Social Media avialability

    Hi, My site is using MichaelAngelo theme and i like it. It's just that i am missing the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE like in DAVINCI. Earlier version of MichaelAngelo, i noticed the Instagram but not anymore in the recent updates. Hope you guys can have FACEBOOK, TWITTER...